trippin’ in the U.K.!

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August 25th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

neal and co smCongrats, Team!  trippin’ is to screen in a most wonderful place.  The very Lovecraftesque small British fishing town of Whitby where the fabulous Bram Stoker Fest happens!  innsmouth smI am very pleased about this one as I went last year and had a blast.  The festival is well run with great projection, a beautiful venue, super cool people, an outrageous opening night party with eye candy galore, and a wonderful mix of very eclectic horror films ranging from innovative micro-budgets to slick Asian horror films not yet released in the U.S. (like The Fox Family – keep an eye out for it).  We even participated in the first Vampire Walk up to the famous old Abbey which was the true inspiration for af devi graveyard smDracula’s castle (okay, so  it was during the day, but fortunately nobody sparkled.)  It’s truly like entering a dark fairy tale.  Oh, and the fish and chips – wow! Anyway, looks like several of the team will be heading over so join us those who can.  For an account of last year’s adventures, you can find them beginning HEREvamp on cell smCongrats, Team and thanks, wonderful folks at the Bram Stoker Fest – you rock and we can’t wait to come back for more!

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