The Story Behind the Story

image_realstory_newspaperIt all started when directrix Devi Snively met a guy with a scar on his leg at a bar one night.

“Dude, what happened?” she asked.

Zed’s response: “Buy me a beer and I’ll tell you all about it.”

So she did and he did. After, Zed offered the rights to his story to Devi Snively for “a case of beer and a role in the film.” A year later they shot the almost entirely true account of a vacation gone horribly wrong.

“On a shoestring budget we couldn’t afford a van explosion or a coyote attack, but I think the main premise holds up well.” Devi explains.

Zed agrees, “Our goal was to pay tribute to lost friends in the kind of film they would have enjoyed. I think we’ve succeeded.”

Below are a few of the articles published on the events which inspired the film.  Spoilers censored; oooh, mysterious!

censored_newspaper_searchfor censored_newspaper_onebody censored_newspaper_missingcamper