You had your turns, Drew Barrymore and Macauley Culkin, now there’s a new li’l f*ck*r in town…!

Corey Haim Welcomes Lil’ F*ck*r to Hollywood.

January 6th, 2010 by little effer

-1-4Hollywood is a small town. You see the same people again and again.  Like today, we sat next to Corey Haim at the pool exactly as we did one year ago. Corey, if he was before your time like he was mine, was a child star in the 80’s, and he did movies with Corey Feldman.  Haim starred in THE LOST BOYS and in my opinion had the best lines in the movie- he rocked it! Sadly, he is like the child actor’s cautionary tale… big success, then drugs, leading to being broke, and no real transition from child star to roles for the adult Corey.  When I watch LOST BOYS, I see such a talented actor… but that doesn’t mean a lot in this town. Read the rest of this entry »

Gettin’ the Party Started…

December 29th, 2009 by little effer

LittleFucker smI left for LA, CA with my family one year ago today, so I thought this would be a good day to start my blog about a thirteen year old actor’s adventures is LALA Land.  See, this is all I have wanted since I was seven. Read the rest of this entry »