Film Radar Reviews trippin’!

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September 19th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

arrive cabin direct smOne of the most rewarding moments for a writer/directrix is when she realizes somebody truly saw the movie she set out to make.  Jonathan Weichsel of Film Radar has done just that in his fabulous review of trippin’ found HERE.

drjekyll194107We here at Deviant try to take what I describe as a ‘Warner Brothers cartoon” approach to our storytelling…   See, I noticed as an adult revisiting Bugs Bunny cartoons that there is no way I could have possibly understood half of the references and sophisticated humor therein as a child, and yet I adored Bugs Bunny when I was clearly too young to fully appreciate it.  I realized that this is the kind of storytelling I want to strive for – one can engage in it on a surface level and find it entertaining.  But for those who crave more, there are other levels of things happening – social commentary, pastiche, new approaches to old conventions and tropes.

big chill castI’ve been amused by the wide range of responses we’ve gotten from trippin’.  Some think it’s a comedy, others a horror film, others a drama in the vein of The Big Chill. Some prefer the more deliberately-paced beginning, others find they’re more engaged once the real mayhem commences; some love the surprise that comes with the transition from one to the other.  Some are more about the characters, while others prefer the kooky, twisting plot developments.  Most love the drug trip regardless.  Some like the satire and playful teasing of standard genre conventions, while others don’t see it as a parody so much as a new way to approach an old idea.

jizz afraidOne really can’t get too precious about her own work.  Once you share it with the world there will be as many interpretations as their are spectators who consume it.  I’ve enjoyed this journey and getting to know this world we created through a variety of different eyes. Nonetheless, it was a true treat to read today’s review and see our movie reflected back as the one I envisioned as we first headed into this crazy adventure.  The horror academic in me was particularly excited that somebody recognized the significance of 2 choices I intentionally made in regards to who would die and in what order.   Thanks, Jonathan, for the wonderful review!

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