Congratulations! It’s a Movie!

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September 17th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

dolores still 1 sm It’s official, our baby is born – cigars all around and congrats, it’s a noir horror oddity!  Why wouldn’t it be? We had our final sound mix for Dolores last week and it was a total blast. I forgot how much fun that part of the process is, hearing one’s movie come to life. It certainly  didn’t hurt that the Academy-Award winning team who worked on The Hurt Locker foleyed the entire film, and the sound designer and final mixer were an absolute delight, not to mention super talented.  I love how perfect strangers can be brought together so quickly by a joint film adventure.  In minutes it’s like we’d been doing this for ages – riffing off each other’s suggestions, one good idea leading to another. 

title_streetsignColor correction was an equally wonderful experience.  Lauren, our editor, and I were reunited with Santiago who did the color on Death in Charge. I walked in and reminded him “I was your first female.”  Sadly, he responded, “You’re still my only female.”  Imagine, in 3 years he hasn’t worked with any other female directors.  It’s a bit sad frankly.  But he’s working on Transformers and the like now, so that’s cool.   If nothing else we know it will have pretty colors and it’s great to see a friend flourish.

100_2200I’m heartened by the response we’re already getting to the film.  As has happened with every project, the post folks always comment on how distinctive our films are, not what they expected, but favorably so.  When Santiago first looked at the footage he commented, “This looks gorgeous, what do you need me for?”  You hear that, John?  Kudos on your fine cinematography!  Of course, just as had happened with Death in Charge, Santiago took some already beautiful footage and did the most amazing things with it right before our eyes.  Lauren was invaluable contributing options I never would have known existed and the three of us passed a fine afternoon dressing up our new baby.

x300Today I will be spending far too much time in a car, going across town to pick up the color corrected picture, then bringing it with our 5.1 sound mix to our dubbing place naturally at the other opposite side of town.  But by day’s end, or Monday at the latest, I will finally get to hold our newborn lovingly in my arms ready to share with the world.

kenny shoot smThis is such a fun part of the journey.  With enough fest and audience experience behind me at this point, I can imagine already what some of the criticisms will be, what people will likely respond to, what might confuse some.  I also know that each audience will be different and they will surprise me as I get to experience our film through their eyes.  This film is also different enough from our others there are a ton of unknowns.  Who is our audience?  What is the actual genre?  On what journey will she take us? What a delightful place to be.

missing flierCongrats to the team!  You did a fine job and I can’t wait to send you your copies next week.  Others, please be patient as we determine her path.  We will share her with you soon one way or another.

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