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November 25th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

trailer-park-taj-mahalThe good news is you can catch a sneak preview of some highlights of trippin’ in some new trailers we recently uploaded.  The less good news is they still have some minor compression issues and missing text – d’oh!

Our editrix Sylvie D. Vine, bless her, has been experiencing some technical difficulties with our trailers.  See, Sylvie isn’t an actual editor. finalcutproShe just happens to have her own Final Cut Pro Suite, a basic understanding of cutting and a willingness to do stuff for free.  We here at Deviant Pictures are all about free (not because we’re cheap, mind you, but because we’re seriously effin’ broke.)  mystery-womanIn Sylvie’s “real life” she does something else entirely, though we’ve promised not to divulge her secrets.  So, I am in no way picking on her efforts. Thanks, Sylvie – you rock! ;)

That said, she has delivered several new trailers first to Brian, who did an amazing job cleaning up some sound on some behind-the-scenes footage recorded with but a crappy camera mic and adding some fun sound design (Go, Brian!) and then on to Ian (our first Deviant God, FX master and trippin’ Weblord) who has graciously uploaded them onto our site only hours before jetting off to Oregon for the holiday.

Anyhoo, the trailers are not without flaws.  In the not too distant future, Sylvie, Ian and I will convene for a session in No Compression 101, how not to put text outside the screen-safe margins, and other fun lessons in editing so that we may bring to you trailers with a more pristine image and fewer hiccups.  Still, what’s up there now offers a sneak peek of what’s to come.

trailerdiscussionsmWe screened numerous ones at our trippin’ screening two weeks back and all agreed these were among the strongest.  zedbong smGeneral consensus was that the first one is the most representative of the actual film, the second one gives more of a “horror” feel, but still remains faithful to the film, and the last one gives more of a sense of the personality of the film (including an always useful pot tip from Zed himself.)  We’d love to hear your thoughts.  BTW, comments can now be left on the site without having to go through a bunch of red tape as was the case previously.  Just fill in the box below this post.

Shortly we will also upload a series of 15-second teasers we’ve put together.  We hope you enjoy!

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