If God Were One of Us…

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September 17th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

Deviant God Ian Strandberg

Deviant God Ian Strandberg

On a triumphant day for trippin’ a few months back, Kenny Dusek, who plays “Joe” in the movie  and is also my roommate in our “armaghetto chic” pad in Los Feliz, quoted this cheesy song in praise of one of our teammates for a job well done.  Since that time we offer our kudos to a particularly valuable member of the team on a regular basis. So this week, if God were one of us he’d be Ian Strandberg. 

You can check his hot shit out at vfx.ianstrandberg.com, but first let me tell you why this man is at “Deviant God” status.   Ian has worked his tail off the past 3 months overseeing our overseas special FX production by our good friends at the Wuhan Animation Studio in Wuhan, China.  (Sorry to be a pest, on your own commemorative post, Ian – but can we add a link to them here?  thanks!)  When all FX were delivered last month, he worked tirelessly for multiple 18-hour days with me to insert them into the footage, overcoming some scary frame rate concerns thanks to our somewhat confused editor, Sylvie D. Vine (we love ya, but learn to edit properly, Babe!) and finessing imperfections my blind eyes even failed to notice.  Among many other awesome touches, he rid some frames of C-stands and created a fun new risque effect we don’t dare mention aloud (oh, but you’ll know it when you see it.)  He also created and shot our first Deviant “muppet” – okay, we’d better call him a “puppet” to avoid copyright issues, but take a look at him and you’ll know what he really is.

If that isn’t enough, Ian also designed our new cover art, created our DVD menu and designed the DVD label.  And bless this man, he’s still on full speed ahead to launch the first stage of our website in the final moments before he takes a much deserved vacation later this evening.

Yes, Folks.  If God were one of us, he’d be Ian Strandberg right now.  Thank you, Ian.  Hallelujah, praise you!

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