1 Week Before the Shoot…

July 28th, 2006 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

300.comic.con.logo.052708czmWith but a week left before principal shooting, there were a ton of last minute details to contend with – finalizing storyboards, shot list and shooting schedule, script revisions, travel coordination and the list goes on.  So naturally, our producer Agustin and I did what any over-worked, stressed out indie filmmakers would do under the circumstances…  go to Comic-Con!  Woo-hoo!

In all seriousness, that’s exactly what we did and it turned out to be a lifesaver.  It wasn’t an impulsive decision.  Our short film Confederate Zombie Massacre! was finishing up its fest tour their and we weren’t about to miss that. Read the rest of this entry »

Becoming Mickey…

June 28th, 2006 by Heathyr Clift
bodyshot 2The audition was exciting for me on a personal and professional level.  I remember walking into that little classroom at Columbia, thinking how strange it was to be back there.  (I got my Bachelor’s at Columbia).  I had been digesting the sides and “improv” for weeks, and was thrilled about the opportunity to audition for Mickey.   Read the rest of this entry »

The trippin’ Casting Couch…

June 6th, 2006 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

Casting trippin’ was quite the production.  We held live auditions in Mishawaka, Indiana, Chicago and Cleveland and we also accepted video auditions from all over the world.  dennis_farina1246930973cast pixI was receiving about 50 e-mails a day for the better part of 6 weeks and I responded to each and every one personally.

It’s a lot of work, but I highly recommend it. You can weed out a lot of scary folks just by their e-mail correspondence. My favorite was the guy who kept mentioning his father was Dennis Farina, then quickly saying, “but don’t bring my father into this because I’m only interested in being cast because of my acting and not because of my connections.”  Dude, then why  bring it up every chance you get?  Jeez. Read the rest of this entry »