Welcome to Innsmouth…Bram Stoker Fest Day 1

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October 28th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

innsmouth smneal and co smTake one look at Whitby, England and tell me it’s not positively screaming to be the setting for a Lovecraft story.  It’s no wonder the likes of Bram Stoker, the Brontes and countless others were so inspired by this region.  We flew into the Teeside Airport on Wednesday eve and were picked up by Mike and Michael McCarthy who run the fest.  I knew at once I was gonna love these guys.  I knew it all the more when we arrive at their gorgeous home and Mike’s fabulous wife Judy has a bottle of vodka already cracked open and pours me a generous glass.  It’s no wonder I always feel so at home in the U.K.!

masks 1 smWe had a splendid home-cooked dinner with the family and Michael’s super cool girlfriend Antonia, enjoyed lively conversation and then made an excursion to the magnificently morbid home of genius mask artist, Neal Harvey, who runs FX studio Rubber Gorilla.  The house was filled with masks, figurines, posters and all things wonderfully horror-related.  So there really is a Heaven on earth!masks 2

After, we watched some short films until I passed out, haunted by the most delightful dreams of every evil creature imaginable.  I could already tell my muse was in for some major nourishment on this trip…

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