trippin’ in Tampa (with Death!)

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March 15th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

GIFFpartyIt’s a Deviant sort of week in Florida apparently. Our short cautionary tale I Spit on Eli Roth will screen at the Megacon Film Fest (so bummed to miss that one), but then we’re off to screen both trippin’ and Death in Charge at the Gasparilla Film Festival (with special guest Jerry Springer – sweet!)  in Tampa – one of our fave fest destinations.  This one’s sort of a rite of passage for us…TP_308794_AMAR_vamps_01DSCN1642For years we’ve submitted to Gasparilla not only because it has a great reputation (and a horror category), but perhaps equally importantly because it’s near Ybor, one of our fave fest destinations – home to my fave vintage shop (fabulous flapper dresses and fancy hats!) and super fun goth nightclub, The Castle, where I once danced under the full moon to Gene Loves Jezebel with the Devil himself (darling horns, tail and attired in the most dapper red suit and cane, how could I possibly resist?)  Does it get better than that?  Well, yes – at that point, acceptance to the actual fest had eluded us…until now.

And after years of rejection, how exciting that not just one, but two of our films will now screen there – Yay, Us!  Another small step for Deviantkind.

633261126_3242828f64lacy alley smLife amid the Deviants has been a bit insane this week.  Shooting in L.A. is a nightmare – so very much red tape and hidden fees if you’re doing things by the book.   Nonetheless, the creative part of pre-prod is going amazingly well.  Our D.P. is a god!  I nearly teared up when he showed me his storyboards they were so beautiful.  We’re now talking about doing a graphic novel together when this is all said and done.  Hell, looking at his storyboards, perhaps we already have.  The best part is, though every shot is stunning,  they also add to the storytelling.  I was enthralled to discover how he found ways to include visual metaphors simply by altering composition.  It’s like he’s adding to the writing process with images.  It’s what I’ve always dreamed of when shooting.  Having seen our film through his eyes, I’m positively dying to shoot at Lacy Street (we nearly shot Death there, but Spielberg inched us out) and am currently waiting to determine if it’s possible.

screenplay readingIn the meantime, we’ve had another screenplay reading which was great fun.  Circus did much of the casting and pulled together a fabulous group of folks.  There were several participants I’d love to cast when we’re at the stage (hopefully next September.)  Adrenaline-junkie-skatesWe realize we still have some minor tweaking to do, but feedback was helpful, and I know we’re so close.

Now I have a new writing deadline – several hours from now – yipes.  I need to write a treatment for an interview I have with some producers to discuss another interesting directing opportunity.   The project looks fabulous so fingers crossed.  After all, too much is rarely enough I’m finding.  My muse is such an adrenaline junkie, bless her.

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