trippin’ in Chicago, Indiana and…Cannes!

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April 6th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

puertorico-mapVIEUX PORT ET SUQUETWow, quite a week!  We learned that while Death in Charge screens at the Rincon Festival in Puerto Rico, I Spit on Eli Roth will screen at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival (I’m devastated we can’t afford to attend either.)  We also learned that trippin’ will be screening at both the Riverbend Film Festival and the Chicago Horror Society Film Festival on May 1st.   Yay!  Then I got word that trippin’s been officially selected to the Cannes Independent Film Festival!  What’s more, we’re to be put up in this amazing villa right off the Croisette with the programmers and other filmmakers (and a pool – sweet!) for 2 whole weeks!   As one might imagine, we are positively beside ourselves.

Cannes_01I had originally opted not to go the whole Cannes market route.  Many of my friends who’ve gone came back with tales of heartbreak, debt and woe galore.  It seems like to make that experience work, one needs a good producer’s rep, money and distribution/marketing savvy – none of which I currently have.  However, when I learned of this sidebar festival I figured, if accepted, it was the ideal way to go.  condodance sm2We will be there under the guidance of Cannes-savvy programmers and with the support of our festival peers.  Sounds like a fun way to lose our Cannes virginity to me.  Besides, we’ll be living with super cool filmmakers in the freakin’ South of France for 2 weeks– how can we NOT go?

Devi Elias park city smFor years we’ve gone to Sundance under similar circumstances – a group of friends and filmmakers sharing a condo and making the rounds.  It’s always an amazing experience – the films, the discussions, the group meals, the parties, the hot toddy.  And now how exciting to have this opportunity at Cannes (except maybe subbing  the hot toddy with wine – it IS France, after all).  Thanks for the opportunity, CIFF!  We can’t wait!

So, congrats Team, or should I say, felicitations!  Nous allons a France!  Before that, however, we hope to see some of you in the Midwest at Riverbend and/or Chicago Horror Society – more details soon.  Woo-hoo!

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