The Big 100!

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October 11th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

100Congrats, Team – we just hit 100 fests(!) for Death in Charge thanks to the Knoxville Horror Fest which has brought us to our new personal record: 100 fests, 25 awards and still kicking.  Our little film is having quite the life. A few months back I blogged about the importance of film fests and I think I’m about due for  one on the importance of making short films as I’ve realized more and more just how truly valuable they have been on this journey.  However, there’s still no time.  I hop a plane to the U.K. tomorrow for the wonderful Bram Stoker film fest (where we’re gonna attempt to put the love back in laverneLovecraft with a guerilla film project)  and I’m still behind on a couple of deadlines amidst cramming far too much into a far too short visit here in Indiana.  So much has happened of late I can barely keep up with it all, but many lessons have been learned and I’d love to share not only our Deviant ones, but those of friends meeting with exciting success.  Another blog soon to come is definitely on all sorts of revelations about distribution and thinking about your career as a director rather than the life of just one film – sometimes these two priorities pose a conflict of interest and the wrong choice can seriously screw you up.  For now, suffice to say, there is hope, my fellow indie filmmaking peers.  Really – this is OUR time.  I believe that more than ever.  Now, hum a few bars of the theme song to Laverne & Shirley and get to work.  That’s what I’m doing.

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