Thank You, Jon Stewart!

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June 2nd, 2011 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

jon stewart pizza rantAs any indie filmmaker knows, pizza is often a main staple on any shoot.  And as any New Yorker (or transplanted New Yorker who will return eventually…sigh) knows, pizza is not a cuisine with which one casually trifles.  A proper slice is pure heaven (and hard to find outside of the Big Apple even though many outsiders around the globe have the audacity  to call their offerings, “New York Pizza” -  ha!  And as many a progressive, independent intellectual will also attest – Jon Stewart is positively dreamy – the “contemporary smart girl’s crush” (though Woody’s not completely out of the picture…)

So, imagine my delight when a fellow former New Yorker, Jon Stewart-and-pizza aficionado (wow, have I invented a new fetish?) pal sent me the following link.  For those who have not yet experienced proper New York Pizza, before you risk marring the experience – check out this super poignant and damn funny RANT and NY pizza tutorial  (and shame on you, Donald Trump! I fart in your general direction.)

paige bethaniAnyway, I  felt compelled to toss in that non sequitur as it’s a topic close to my heart.  Now, there’s much to wrap up here in L.A. – the end of a semester and subsequent craploads of grading, some big PROM FROM HELL meetings (teaser’s nearly complete!), finalizing a few new, smaller projects and then I hop a plane for  a much needed 3-week stint in the Midwest.   Michiana locals interested in new filming fun, do let me know.  We have some in the works, which promise to be devilishly good fun…

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  1. ed ernstes says:

    Hi Devi:
    Sounds like you’re keeping very busy,
    which is a good thing…if you have
    projects in the Midwest…could share with
    the MAF actors list here…thanks.
    ed ernstes

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