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November 8th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

our starSpider’s arrived from the U.K and we spent his first full day walking about Hollywood (where we found our very own star waiting for us) and at the Shockfest Film Festival.  I’ve got to say I was impressed.  They were super organized and drew a great crowd, no small feat for a 2nd year fest in a town already over-saturated with festivals. screeningThe venue was fabulous.  Cinespace is a bar/restaurant with a giant screen and comfy seating.  To enter we had to pass through several corridors decorated as haunted houses with people in costumes who’d jump out and fondle you – sweet!

miss shockfestThe films were fun.  Shockfest films are films that are subversive or shocking in some way – a super cool niche that made for an entertaining afternoon (as did multiple margaritas) Midway through there was the Miss Shockfest competition.  A number of women had come dressed in sexy costumes to compete for this honor (and the $100 prize.)  I’m not one for participating in such things – it’s hard enough to be taken seriously as a director when you’re a little blond chick – and people always assume I’m an actress as it is. So while I like to dress in little get-ups as much as the next chick, I generally opt to avoid tiaras whenever possible.

miss shockfest2Nonetheless, living up to the fest’s name, fest director Guil shocked me when he announced there was a female director in the room who really ought to join the dance party onstage – d’oh!  But not about to be a killjoy (and fortified with tequila), I went with it and partnered up with a striking redheaded belly dancing costume designer destined for the tiara.

screening 2Shortly after, Death in Charge screened with great reception from the packed house.  We got plenty of reactions throughout and a great gasp at the end.  Q&A was fun as well.  We were nominated for both best director and best actress for Marina’s performance, but alas did not win this time.  funnydrunkguy2Nonetheless, nearly everybody I spoke to the rest of the evening made a point to tell me it was their favorite of the fest which was super nice.

After the awards ceremony, Spider and I ventured out with a cool couple we’d met and headed over to one of my fave bars, The Velvet Margarita for dinner and more tequila before the after-party.  We met some stylish divorcees and some Brit guy (ironically a neighbor of Spider’s – small world!) dressed as a nutcracker (at least that’s what he looked like to me in his red coat with epaulets and brass buttons.)   velvet margaritaIt’s always such a lively eclectic crowd there.  The after party was at Madame Royale’s and also fun, but between my insomnia and Spider’s jetlag, we cut out before things got too raucous.

All in all, a super fun fest and very well run.  They even got all our films reviewed prior to the event – here’s ours.  Sadly, they do not accept features or I’d totally submit trippin’ next year.  Kudos to you, Shockfest – you rock!

Sadly, even this has not cured my insomnia.  I’m now on day 6 on virtually no sleep and really starting to feel it.  Guess I’ll just have to hop back on a plane soon to finally catch some shut-eye.  Oh, darn.

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  2. Ozzy says:

    “I went with it and partnered up with a striking redheaded belly dancing costume designer destined for the tiara.”

    This striking redheaded belly dancer is my new sister in law; I married her brother here in Germany less than two months ago, and I am very happy to read about her and also your success at the Shockfest; I hope there will be a chance for me in Germany to watch your movie???
    Have a good one!

    PS.: Hope insomnia is cured by now!

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