Sentimental Journey

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December 12th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

family photo smI can’t believe it’s been 10 days already.  How does this always happen?  This world feels so familiar by now, like we’ve created a “home” here somehow that seems far too established to be the result of such a small period of time.  More members of the pack have left and I’m reminded once again of those end-of-summer-camp pangs when we had to say our goodbyes.  So very bittersweet.

I’ve barely touched my camera the last few days.  I just don’t feel like a tourist or a blogger – this is right here, right now, it’s hard to break away from the moment.  In a week it may all seem like a dream.  How many lifetimes does one experience in her life I wonder?

And, no, I’m not high.  Just contemplative as I lie here in bed, feeling truly grateful I’ve had this experience.

brewing secrets smipa samples smExhaustion has clearly been setting in for those of us who’ve been here for the duration.  No more 3am after-after-party parlour chats the past few nights, though I suspect tonight will be a late one given tomorrow’s my last day.  Our tour of the Midnight Sun Brewing Company was super fun.  We learned the fascinating history of the birth of the India Pale Ale (explained less colorfully by Wikipedia HERE) and sampled some tasty beers including a not yet ripe triple IPA which nearly had me dancing on tabletops by tour’s end.

362343118_54f8e0b82bAfter, we finally visited the Filmmaker Lounge (free wine and cookies!) and had another  great discussion about – go figure – cinema before heading to the City Diner where milkshakes and burgers were gluttonously consumed (and very likely responsible for at least 5 of us falling asleep during Thursday night’s late night vampire flick Strigoi – d’oh!  It looked interesting though…)

robyn and kin smYesterday was the Martinee Matinee during which the packed theater of vodka sippers were subjected to an impromptu screening of DEATH IN CHARGE much to my delight.  Reaction vincent_posterwas great and I’ve had people congratulating me ever since.  It’s funny, I’d nearly forgotten that’s why I’m actually here.  I had a fun reunion with Bendfilm Fest buddy JENNIFER BURNS and the unforgettable VINCENT FALK who’s the star of her film VINCENT: A LIFE IN COLOR which I finally get to see tomorrow (we kept getting programmed opposite each other before).  We also saw housemate Robyn Blilely’s fabulous Circus Rosaire and Ryan Ward’s truly moving SON OF THE SUNSHINE (man, he’s a good actor and it’s definitely one of those films that will haunt you for a while after viewing – well worth keeping an eye out for.)

tanks smWe have a crazy line-up of screenings today as all of our remaining pack will show at some point.  But before all that I’m pleased to say things are already moving ahead nicely with our world premiere screening of trippin’.  The organizers in Phoenix have been extremely helpful getting us info and the team is all abuzz with publicity ideas.  My dad has kindly hooked us up with a journalist friend who will help us write press releases as well (thanks, Pops and Ann!).  It feels like trippin’s really starting to have a life.  Sweet!  Now back to my own…

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