Principal: Day 1

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August 17th, 2006 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

van shoot smIt must have been 90 degrees in the sunny field where we parked the van to shoot all the scenes in the back.  Between every take we handed the actors ice water washcloths to wipe away the sweat.  Then make-up would have to do touch-ups.  It was a slow and sweaty process.  Lauren, fondly nicknamed “Boom Girl” by her doting male fanbase on set, nearly got heat stroke standing in the blazing sun for hours on end as she diligently angled the boom inside the van.  You can see in the movie how Zed’s t-shirt is dripping in sweat.

kitchen chaos smShooting in the cabin at night with tons of lights in the cramped quarters (and windows that had to remain closed lest loud crickets interfere with sound and moths flying in interfered with the picture) did not cool things down any.

However, morale remained high.  We were only slightly behind schedule by the end of day one, which is not a bad thing.  The first day is almost always the most inefficient we’ve found.  That’s when we’re still getting into the swing of things, learning how the new team works together, easing into this new world.

By the time we got back to “camp trippin’ “(i.e. our house where the majority of the cast and crew were crashing), I was sure I’d sleep like the dead.  Unfortunately, that would be my first night of insomnia. Great.

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