On the Road Again!

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April 29th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

luggage stuffingI can’t believe it’s today already!  How does one pack for 3 films festivals, 2 weeks in the South of France, a location scout through Ohio and a film shoot in Michigan anway?  Supershuttle comes for me in just a bit and I don’t pity the driver who gets to help me with my load – DVDs, postcards, books, writing materials, half my wardrobe and far too many electronics, etc.

bigpAs I hugged Kenny goodbye last night, I commented, “Wow, the next time I see you we’ll be shooting a movie!”  We each got this look on our respective faces.  It’s been far too long since I’ve said that.  “Imagine that.  Crazy,” he responded.

My final days in town made me feel like Kevin Bacon in The Big Picture. Learning I was about to be inaccessible for 6 weeks, suddenly everybody and their cousin wanted to take last minute meetings.  It was fun though.  I could barely think about what’s ahead with so much happening in the moment. There was simply no time for panic.

vampire-bite-kitAnd now the adventure truly begins.  But first a quick workout (bootcamp got me to  what I call “vampire weight” – i.e. if I had to become a vampire right now and look like this for the rest of eternity, I’d be totally cool  with it,  but I still have a week to get “super-bikini-ready” and, vanity dictates nothing less will do.  When in Cannes after all…)

So, I’ll be out of L.A. for the next 6 weeks, but accessible by e-mail for the duration (and cell until May 10th when rates skyrocket when I’m across the pond.)

If you’re in the Midwest, we hope to see you at the Riverbend and/or Chicago Horror Society Festivals.  Cast and crew members will be at both.  Stay tuned for further festival updates this weekend!  Toodles!

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