More Fests and Opening for Kathryn Bigelow!

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February 12th, 2011 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

sjff_02_img0584I’ve emerged from an intensive writing sanctuary just in time.  The fests are beckoning once more.  I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a parent -  little time for a personal life, but our children are keeping the long hours of work mighty  interesting.  Regardless, it looks like we’ve got 2 exciting months ahead…

postcard front sampleI’ve just knocked out three new feature drafts and am trying to readjust to the non-fictional world once more as I head back out on the road.  LAST SEEN ON DOLORES STREET is off to a fun start, venturing out to all new fests for our Deviant team.  We have our world premiere at the Nevermore Film Festival in North Carolina, which is extra exciting as it’s the first time we’ve made their highly selective cut (they only accept 15 shorts.).

Near_Dark_webMeanwhile across the pond, both DOLORES and I SPIT ON ELI ROTH will screen in London at the super exciting Bird’s Eye Film FestSPIT will screen amid some other super cool looking female-directed horror shorts to be followed by a moderated panel of prestigious women in horror experts and DOLORES will open for a special screening of Ms. Bigelow’s fabulous NEAR DARK. Needless to say, we are honored and humbled.

Pretty Scary smSPIT will also screen at the Pretty-Scary Bloodbath Fest and even DEATH IN CHARGE continues to forge new ground – first at the Taos Film Fest in New Mexico and then across the pond at a special screening with the Lund Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland!  tRIPPIN’ will screen (along with DEATH IN CHARGE) at the Saint Regis Club in Warsaw, Indiana as part of a special screening series.

title_streetsign bwFinally, DOLORES has carved yet another 2 new notches in our festival belt.  It’s been selected to screen at both the Phoenix Film Festival and the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival, which now run concurrently.  Congrats, Team!

Indiana Sign 001I’m currently in snowy, but sunny Indiana getting ready for an evening of hot toddy with old friends. Finals and grades from last semester turned in. I’ve got 10 days ahead to focus on nothing but fests, film financing and our upcoming shoot as we march toward our next big production.

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