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January 18th, 2011 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

prom image doll 2Words can’t begin to describe the past 6 weeks.  Perhaps if time ever permits I will give it a try.  In the meantime, a quick update on all the Deviant News that’s fit for print (there’s actually quite a bit of it that just isn’t quite yet, alas.)

In less than 2 weeks trippin’ will open for DEATH IN CHARGE, for a change of pace, at the Traildance Film Festival.  DEATH is up for BEST SUSPENSE/HORROR and BEST PERFORMANCE (Congrats, Team and Marina!)   I am so disappointed not to make it out for that one not only because it sounds fabulous, but also as DOLORES D.P. John Klein has a feature screening there, too (which is also up for several awards, congrats, JK!)

dr szaleswki smSpeaking of  DOLORES, our little noir horror is about to kick off its fest tour as well, though I’m not able to share all the details just yet .  Looks like I will be doing a bit more jet-setting in the coming months to follow 3 of our films, but am mostly sticking around L.A. as we have a new feature to kick off – yay!

PfH logo black pinkPreliminary shooting for a small part of PROM is tentatively scheduled for Oscar weekend.  It’s just a few shots this time.  We’re aiming for November to get to the bigger stuff and, even then, I’ll believe it when we’re on set shooting and not a moment sooner.  Such is the nature of this shaky business and one mustn’t count her chicks before they’re hatched.  All in good time, as they say.  Okay, no more cliches ’cause yuck.

zack the insect chef agustin fuentesIn the meantime, we’re making slow but real progress on our webisodes series and will hopefully soon be back on schedule after our PROM shoot.  This is gonna be fun.

There’s so much more to share – an embarrassingly long overdue Bram Stoker recap, an account of a mind-and-life-altering directing workshop,  trippin’s ever fascinating journey, news of a major grant on the horizon and the tale of a fabulous New Orleans insect dinner to name just a few.  We’ll be back soon… or eventually.  Happy 2011 – I hope everyone agrees – this  year so rocks!

*On a personal note – my apologies to anyone feeling slighted.  I’m about 3 months behind on personal e-mails at least and almost never venture onto FB.  I’d love to hear your news.   Direct e-mail or, better still,  in-person chats over coffee or something stronger are much preferred modes for catching up.  My Internet time is mostly  reserved for work-related tasks these days.  And porn, of course.

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