Kenny’s Most Memorable Moments of trippin’…

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October 12th, 2009 by Kenny

Kenyyheadshot smFave moment: It was about the middle of the shoot and we were doing a scene where Joe and Zed catch the little girl who threw a rock through our window.  She was late showing up to the set since she was doing “THE MUSIC MAN” on stage. Growing up this was one of my favorite movies. Between takes I remember we would breakout into song.  Going from being pissed at her in the scene, to singing after cut was awesome.

joe gore smLeast Fave Moment: Their is a scene when I find Jizz’s body all messed up and I have to puke.  sounds easy enough,  run up, look at her, and puke.  I learned a valuable lesson in this scene.  Always be nice to your F/X people.  They had me put a mix of warm beer and cold spaghetti sauce in my mouth.  The first take they had me put the mix in my mouth and wait for action.  It seemed like it took forever to get that first take.  When action came I couldn’t wait to get that stuff out of my mouth.  The hard thing was how do you puke when you don’t have to puke?  You try and remember a night at a party, or when you had the flu.  Let’s just say it took me awhile to get it right.  It wasn’t until I heard people behind the camera go, “Ewwww!” that I knew I got it right.  So, always take your F/X people out to dinner.  Maybe they won’t come up with such a gross mix to put in your mouth.

still  joe cu bear smMost Challenging Moment: For me it was the ghost story.  Learning all the lines, making them sound real and not robotic.  This is where working with great people comes into play.  My costar Heathyr noticed I was a little intimidated by the scene.  She would go over the lines with me till the cows came home.  Her willingness to help me as a fellow actor and a person made that scene great.

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