Just Back from Big Bear Film Fest…

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September 20th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

…where Death in Charge just screened.

Too fun!  What a funky town.  Kenny and I road-tripped up.  Altitude and alcohol are a fun combo.  Our screening was well attended, the parties were great, we met some cool folks and ran into a bunch of old fest friends.  But in all honesty I think I had the most fun playing hooky.  Kenny and I kept a nice buzz going from about 11am on all three days and got deep into brainstorming ideas for my latest script.Kenny's Big Bear

We checked out the coolest outdoor antique shop and got a can in which to place our movie which I’m due to pick up on Monday.A Can for our film We also got a board game from which we will steam off the current cover, so we can use it to build the proto-type for our trippin’ board game.  Yes, there will be a trippin’ board game.  How could there not be?

More good news for trippin is we put out a stack of cards and they seemed to disappear.  We met some totally fun stoner boys who seem particularly excited about it – developing our fanbase already – sweet!  Here’s a link to their film Bicycle Love.  We also met a guy named Brandon Miller with a stoner-themed movie called High and drunkenly discussed teaming up on our intended cross country college tour if we can pull it off. Sweet!

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