Juror Duty

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November 19th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

jury-boxoldfashion-lookTalk about feeling “all grown up.”  For the first time I am in the juror’s as opposed to the filmmaker’s seat for a festival.  It’s pretty super cool actually.  It came about in an interesting way.

At Shriekfest a month or so back, a fellow filmmaker saw my nametag and proclaimed, “Hey, you’re Devi Snively? You reviewed my film.”

I was confused.  I don’t review films all that often and don’t usually think of myself as a reviewer per se.  So, I absent-mindedly suggested that perhaps he had me confused with somebody else.  He insisted not, then showed me his press kit with a quote by me about his film

D’oh!  He was right.  I totally spaced doing reviews of horror films at Park City last winter for Fearzone.  Besides, it’s not like there are all that many Devi Snivelies out there come to think of it.

1193816556The fellow in question was Jack Daniel Stanley and, fortunately, I had reviewed his film, “Little Mouth to Feed”  positively (phew! that might have been awkward).  Several other films I’d reviewed in the same article had not earned my praise.  But his really has something.  I love the world he creates- real American Southern Gothic – the kind of creepy that gets under your skin and crawls around.  Delish!

At any rate, we chatted only briefly before getting lost amid films and fest fanfare and I was disappointed not to run into him again.  I had caught another of his shorts, “Cold Calls” and wanted to congratulate him on a thoroughly amusing ride.  Little did I know at the time that he had 3(!) other films screening as well– damn!   Makes me feel like an underachiever.

denisemarkbendeviAnyhoo, our paths did not cross again until late last week.  He sent me the nicest e-mail inviting me to be a juror for the Monsterfest Online Horror Film Festival.  Timing could not have been worse, and yet, how could I possibly say no?   Needless to say I didn’t.   I was honored to find myself in good company, too.  My fellow jurors include dear friend Denise Gossett of Shriekfest fame, producer/screenwriter Stephen Susco, Texas Bloodbath Director Andrew Rose, Atlanta Horror Fest Programmer Blake Meyers and Bloody Disgustings BC.

So, amid the rest of this week’s chaos, I’ve been watching and reviewing 13 horror shorts.  Go check them out.  Too fun.  I don’t think I can tip my hand just yet, but I’ll let you know of one in particular you simply must see.  I nearly wet myself laughing so hard.  Man, there are some really creative and talented filmmakers out there.

Actually all the films are well worth a watch.  A real eclectic bunch and all very well-executed.  I’m sure there’s something for everybody.  Can’t wait to see who wins, but congrats to all for making some fine films.

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