Jake Doesn’t Like it Hot

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August 1st, 2006 by Jake Perry

jer in van smIt’s 110 degrees inside this van.  No wait…it’s 110 degrees outside.  The entire state of Indiana is in a state of emergency.  Stay inside.  Stay hydrated.  Beat the heat.

So what do we do?  We park a red cargo van in the middle of a field.  In direct sunlight.  At high noon.  We load it with Ari’s and Keno flows and then get inside and try and pretend like we’re having the time of our lives.

van shoot smSo no, it’s about 150 degrees inside this van.  The air is so thick it’s like trying to inhale butter.  The second you step in, you’re drenched in sweat, literally, and we’re on our billionth take because Devi wants more energy.  Really?  Seriously?

There’s a fan on set and in between takes one of the crew members is supposed to place it in the back door so it can blow hot air over us (as though we don’t get enough of that from our director ;) )  It’s okay though, because hot air on sweat glistened skin feels pretty good right about now.  Problem is, they keep forgetting to do it.  Once we remind them, it’s not much better.  Distracted by listening to Devi direct, they forget to aim it towards us.  Sometimes it’s blowing at the roof, other times the floor.  It starts on us, sure.  For a second or so.  Then, as Devi drones on, the crew member forgets what he’s doing and slowly tilts it up or down.

“Focus,” I mumble to him, under my breath.  Lindsay, lying next to me, hears me though and smiles.

“You’re losing focus,” I repeat, this time a bit louder.  The crew member glances in our direction, but dismisses my statement as not meant for him.

I can feel droplets of sweat trickling all over my body, down my forehead and my back and some other places I shouldn’t mention.  It’s like tiny insects crawling all over me. Like Chinese Water Torture.

holly jer van smLong strands of Lindsay’s golden hair cling to her glistening face as she tries to fan herself with a loose sheet of paper.

Cliff slouches in the corner, panting, his “Better Zed than Dead” shirt soaked like a dish rag and clinging to him like a second skin.

“Focus man, you’re losing focus,” I nearly shout as I leave my position and take control of the fan myself.

Too late…

“Alright, let’s go again,” directs Devi.  “With more energy guys!”

Really?  Seriously?

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