I Walked With a Vampire – Day 4

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October 31st, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

extevamp walk 4 smI have but one complaint about this day.  The Vampire Walk coincided with the second half of Sion Sono’s Hair Extensions, the first half of which was amazing.  He also directed one of my all time favorite Japanese horror films, Suicide Club, and this was one off to another memorable start.  stick musiciansHowever, it would be wrong to miss a vampire walk in Whitby, so I’ll have to catch the last half by adding it to my already daunting Netflix queue – sigh.  That said, the rest of the day was glorious.  Vampire walks across town and through cemeteries totally kick ass – I highly recommend them.  d877b70485aa3ecdThe event began with a performance of some kind of colorful stick dancing that felt reminiscent of the music video for the 80’s pop hit Safety Dance. Then a crowd of us walked down the main street, across the bridge, up a ton of stairs, past the cemetery and up to the Abbey. mikevamp sm It was quite a sight.  Passersby looked only mildly concerned – no doubt the sunlight exposure assured them we were not actual blood-sucking, killer vampires.  After, Agustin, Rod, his charming girlfriend Ros and I found a pub in which a quick bite and pint of Guinness magically turned into multiple pints and a multi-hour discussion about horror films.  Oops!  vamps smWe sort of missed a film I had really wanted to see, but such is the risk of meeting kindred spirits in Innsmouth after a successful vampire jaunt alas.  We still made it back in time to catch several more enjoyable films including Bitch Slap, the costumes of which were designed by Rosalida Medina, my dear friend who also designed costumes for Death in ChargebitchslapSmall world.  It’s a fun flick – imagine Faster Pussycat – Kill!  Kill! as directed by Quentin Tarantino - and of course the costumes rock – awesome job, Rosa!  It’s hard to believe how fast this fest flew by.  Far too many good things to cram into a mere 5 days…

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