I Smoked the MAIL for this Movie

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October 27th, 2009 by Ian Strandberg (S/VFX Mastermind)


Devi sent out some marketing materials for me to review today and I noticed that the Zed puppet picture featured wasn’t too hot.  It was kinda over exposed and was taken before my lovely wife had taken the time to give Zed the proper hairdo.

(As an inveterate collector of skills I’d like to take responsibility for this homage to television housewives of the 50’s whose husband’s just unexpectedly brought the boss home for dinner but alas, leave it to the nuclear physicist of the family to upstage me at least one more time.)

Anyway, the point is that after going through the puppet pictures I already have, I resolved to take a couple that we can use for one-sheets and other materials going forward.

zed-puppet-photoshoot-02-bw-web zed-puppet-photoshoot-01-bw-web

Now, regarding “smoking the mail” — I’m quite the square it turns out.  Here’s a hint:  The bottles in the background of the hairdo picture are from a rootbeer tasting I had a while back.  Anyway, to make Zed’s “joint” I grabbed the nearest credit card return envelope I had and wrapped it in masking tape.  In order to get it going a bit I puffed on it.  This wasn’t bad until I hit the plastic window in the envelope.

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