I Googled Myself, And Then Came Terry Cronin…

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November 24th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

comiccongangSo, let’s be honest we all do it from time to time.  There’s no need to be ashamed.  tt042600croninOnce in a while we just get the urge to Google ourselves.  It’s only natural.  And it can lead to beautiful things.  For example, I discovered that our film Confederate Zombie Massacre! was to play at the MegaCon Convention last January.  Cool, only I hadn’t submitted CZM to a fest in ages.  How’d that happen?

Actually it’s a common occurrence.  Once your film hits its “tipping point” it tends to develop a life all its own.  I’m always discovering we’ve screened at this fest or that and it’s always a nice surprise.  I usually just shrug and smile, but curious, this time I decided to follow up.  I wrote to the programmer and asked how this all came about.  I’m so glad I did.  We’ve been in touch ever since and finally got to meet in person last summer.

ComicCon-cover-webn127726538554_174Terry Cronin is the kind of guy who when you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he answers, “A noted raconteur” (see below, I jest not.)  How cool is that?  From comics to film fests to funky cooking shows, he’s a contemporary Renaissance hipster with a charming “Woodstock-ian” approach to art – let’s all just get along and help each other as we go, you know?  Clearly he means what he says, for in his following interview meant to introduce and promote his work he spends half of it promoting mine (Thanks, Terry – check’s in the mail – it’ll bounce of course, but it’s the thought that counts, right? )

And heeeeeeere’s Terry….

Please introduce yourself.

Hey I’m Terry Cronin, program director of the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival and the Megacon Indie Film Expo. I also publish the horror adventure comic Students of the Unusual.

How did we happen to meet?

We finally met at Comic-con this year but I had become aware of your work from recommendations by Tim Anderson (i.e. Tex Massacre)  and we showed your film Confederate Zombie Massacre! at Megacon.

3. What were you doing then?

At Comic-con we had a booth for Students of the Unusual and you came by as part of your promotional tour for Death In Charge. We also got to meet your star Gillian Shure who knocked our socks off in the role of the mother!

4. What are you doing now?

Sitting in front of my computer– recovering from the successful 11th annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival where we showed both Death in Charge and I Spit on Eli Roth!  Most everyone had a wonderful comment about how great Death in Charge was and how the intricacies of the ending were set-up so ingeniously. Kudos by all!

5. How would you describe your work?

I write and publish the Students of the Unusual comic book, run film festivals, and promote a new cooking show called Adventure Chefs.

contest2005 6. Who/what are your artistic influences?

EC Comics, Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers, The Pogues, Gary Jennings, Jorge Alderete, Jorge Calamato, J Chris Campbell, Julia Lichty, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch, Benjamin Franklin

7. What is your major goal in life? How are you planning to achieve it?
To become a noted raconteur and help other people along the way.

8. What do you think of film festivals – what are the benefits? Drawbacks?

They are great resume builders and networking engines! Sometimes fun but not always enough true affection!

9. What else should people know about you?

I like to talk the talk and even walk the walk!
Keep on rockin’ there ain’t no stoppin’!

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