How Do You Solve a Paradox Wrapped in An Enigma Like Maria?

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December 11th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

demonicdamesMariaAlexanderI met the inimitable Maria Alexander back in my San Francisco days many moons ago.  Our beloved shared mentor Sam Scribner referred to us fondly as the “Evil Twins.”  At the time we were both risqué blondes who often donned black latex so I suppose it was a fitting title.

Maria is a true “Wild Thing” not unlike the purse she carries (and nothing like the whiny version featured in Spike Jonze’s utterly disappointing movie.)   She’s a brilliant writer whose fantasy world does things to one’s imagination that are surely illegal in many states.  Yay!

mariadevismnicoles-purseHer wicked sense of humor is almost as naughty as her daring wardrobe and infectious laugh.  Even her voicemail message tells you this lady has style and she damn well knows how to use it.

But there is nothing I can say about Maria that will be nearly as fun as how’s she apt to put it, so allow me to defer to the Magnificent Mistress of the Merry Macabre herself…

1.  Please introduce yourself.
I’m Lady Euthanasia, the Sweetpea of Darkness, Queen of the Wild Things, She Who Wears the Fabulous Boots, Lady Flashheart (Wwwoooof!), Runs With Scissors, Dances with Werewolves, A Smart Tart with a Big Heart, Betty Page’s Stunt Double…

…or, as most people know me, I’m Maria Alexander, dark fiction and humor author.

darth_vader_iphone_upgrade2.  How did we happen to meet?

We met about 13 years ago at a screenwriter’s group run by the late screenwriter Sam Scribner up in San Francisco. We bonded in a taxi over how Darth Vader was our sexual awakening. The rest is, as they say, history!

3.  What were you doing then?

Screenwriting. Making boys cry. Not necessarily in that order.

4.  What are you doing now?

Still writing, but mostly dark fiction and humor — at the same time, even. Also, these days I seem to be making one boy and two cats pretty damned happy.

5.  How would you describe your work?

Evil. Touching. Sexy. Funny.  And, most of all, original.

call_of_cthulhu_by_robertascalvini6.  Who/what are your artistic influences?

Life. Then, Julio Cortazar. Blackadder. Douglas Adams. Neil Gaiman. Edith Wharton.

margaritas detroit sm7.  What is your major goal in life?  How are you planning to achieve it?

To be read. To make an impression. And to live life the way I drink margaritas — too fast, too much, without regrets.

8.  What do you think of film festivals – what are the benefits?  Drawbacks?

Film festivals are fantastic venues, especially for short films. I first saw the awesome black and white, silent  CALL OF CTHULHU at a film festival. I can’t think of any real drawbacks. Are there some? Can you tell I’ve never been in one?

mickey_mouse_johor9.  What else should people know about you?

For a living, I write for The Mouse. Pixie dust and all. And the Mouse websites I write for have won major Internet awards. How weird is that?

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