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December 7th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

AuxSlimeCityI first met Greg Lamberson on the film fest circuit.  He remembers it as being the Halloween Horror Picture Show in Tampa (and he’s probably right), though I could have sworn it was at Genghis Con in Pittsburgh.  I remember talking with him shortly after I’d conducted an interview with H.G. Lewis and him being impressed because I was the first chick he’d met who was into Lewis’ gory oeuvre.

imT+WLDV1xsrbXMhw1CVEBGQ==Whatever the case, I immediately liked Greg.  Something that never ceases to amaze me is how so many people who devote their art to the horror genre are among the nicest and most intelligent folks I meet.  Greg_Lamberson_Slime_City_4Here’s a prolific writer, filmmaker and supporter of others in his same field – a fun irony – the “Slime Guy” is anything but slimy.   Greg was super generous in introducing me around when I was new on the circuit and has been an immense supporter of my work, reviewing it on Fearzone and in his book Cheap Scares, offering valuable advice and being a good friend.

gruesomeretouchedcardCheck out his music video, check out his  trailer, check out his books and see why Greg’s got a long, steady track record in a world where flashes in the pan are far too common.  I know I’m just one of many who eagerly await to see Slime City Massacre hit the big screen.

Here’s Greg…

1.  Please introduce yourself


Mason+Slime+-+SCM2.  How did we happen to meet?

We met at the Halloween Horror Picture Show, a small film festival in Florida.  Debbie Rochon and Lee Perkins were there too, and now they’re in SLIME CITY MASSACRE.  You never know how even the smallest festivals could lead to something down the road.

3.  What were you doing then?

I was screening SLIME CITY, which had just been released on DVD for the first time (it was just released with my other films as GREG LAMBERSON’S SLIME CITY GRINDHOUSE COLLECTION) and hawking an early edition of PERSONAL DEMONS.

SlimeCityGrindhouse4.  What are you doing now?

I’m in post production on SLIME CITY MASSACRE and editing my two novels for 2010, THE FRENZY WAY and DESPERATE SOULS.

5.  How would you describe your work?

I’d call my early three features primitive, although they’ve each developed a following.  The new film, SCM, is much harder to describe: it’s a 70s science fiction film, an 80s splatter flick, a 90s action flick, and has a political subtext that could have only been born in this decade.  My novels are a different story; they’re packed with BIG action scenes that would intimidate Joel Silver.

GeorgeRomero-oil-4006.  Who/what are your artistic influences?

I think we’re influenced by everything we’re exposed to, good or bad, but I like Jack Arnold, George Romero and Abel Ferarra as filmmakers, and David Morrell and William F. Nolan as authors.  And I’ll have a completely different answer tomorrow.

7.  What is your major goal in life?  How are you planning to achieve it?

I want to inflict horror on the world, preferably through entertainment. I write novels that are published and make movies that receive at least some sort of distribution; I’ve never self published or self distributed.  For the last two years, I made my living as the editor of, a heavily trafficked website which won’t make it to 2010 because of the economic crisis the Republicans have created.

8.  What do you think of film festivals – what are the benefits?  Drawbacks?

They’re fun if you can afford to attend them.  It’s hard to do with a negative balance in your bank account and a child to raise.  I hope to attend a bunch in 2010.  I’ve been to great film festivals, like the Beloit International Film Festival, where the whole town turned out, and to terrible ones, which I won’t name.  More than anything, it comes down to whether or not the festival director cares about what he’s doing.

9.  What else should people know about you?

Dread Central just posted 4 character sheets from SLIME CITY MASSACRE and wrote, “Greg, you are one sick fuck!”

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  1. We were at both HHPS and Genghis Con – and then HHPS again the following year. But HHPS was first. :)

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