Graduation Day! Congrats and Thanks, Kenny!

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July 14th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

moving breakken devi af velvet smThey were the best of times, they were the worst of times, they were the L.A. Times.  And now, today, these times they are a changin’.  On this Bastille Day, Kenny and I officially bid adieu to our life at Chateau Feliz It’s bittersweet.  It’s graduation day.   We’re finally ready to go out into the “real world.”  I say that without irony.  Kenny agreed when I told him it feels like these past 2 years we’ve somehow “grown up” together. We went through so much and we’ve emerged confident about where we’re headed, diplomas clutched in hands, ready to take on the world.

kenny swingHow naïve we both were when we first moved out here, living in our happy cocoon, coming up with some new hair-brained scheme every other week.  And all the while the endless frivolity: theme parties, 3am Bon Jovi air guitar jams,  poolside sing-alongs, feasting, dancing,  screenings.  But it was not wasted time in the least.  Through trial and error (okay, many, many errors!), we first lost, then found ourselves and came out stronger than ever.

drac ken devi smI will miss my late night chats with Kenny – him smoking on the porch, me sprawled across our uncomfortable sofa bed (now somebody else’s uncomfortable sofabed, courtesy of Craigslist) – as we’d philosophize about everything and nothing over a bottle of Coppola’s Claret.  But we accomplished what we needed to and it’s time to move on. We’re still a team, but now half a country apart.

I was happy when I showed him my new place (just up the street, called Ravencrest appropriately) and he instantly approved.  “This is the year,” he told me.  I nodded, “Feels that way, right?”

wall smWe were both examining this beautiful new apartment that looks like it belongs to an actual adult (okay, an adult who hangs Russ Meyer and Ramones posters on her wall, but hey, at least they’re framed).  For 2 years we essentially lived in a college dorm decorated with X-mas lights, a garden gnome, dead plants, weird stuff taped to the walls (like my endoscopy photos) and minimal mismatched furniture.

100_2408In just one week, my new place is nicely furnished and looks “put together.”  I “nested” for a whole week, frequenting thrift shops for the perfect items, carefully unpacking and paring down my belongings so that everything has its place.  I have suddenly become a neat freak.  I have pride in my new home.

Yes, I said the word “home.”

kencan1I am no longer in transit.  I am no longer just “dabbling” in film.  I no longer make jokes about what I’m gonna be “when I grow up.”  I’m already here. What’s more,  I like it.  I’ve earned my degree.  Thanks, Kenny – I couldn’t have done it without you! Oh, and as you would always text me before each of my journeys, “Godspeed.”

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  1. Michael Coffee says:

    Kenny Dusek is a wonder.

  2. Dawn Dusek says:

    Thank you for the opportunity you so kindly gave to my nephew. I know he enjoyed the time he spent with you. I wish you all continued success!!!

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