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March 16th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

So, we here at Deviant Pictures are casting two dogs for our next film here in L.A..  We’ll need each for a few hours only on April 9th or 10th.  If you know any budding canine stars, please send them our way.  Here’s what we’re looking for.

CockapooAyersBEARCOCKAPOOcocker-spanielafghan-houndE:  Medium or small, male or female is fine.  E’s a blond, cuddly furry dog, with a muppet-esque face.  Cocker Spaniels, Cock-a-poos, and mutts are great.  An Afghan Hound could also work.

K:  Medium to large, male or female, K’s a muscular, brown or grey short-haired dog along the lines of a brown lab or Weimaraner300x261P7300026 (3)Weimaraner.  We cannot cast any type of bulldog, however, due to insurance restrictions.  Please spread the word.  Doesn’t your dog deserve to be on IMDB?  Thanks!

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  1. annie gough says:!/photo.php?pid=414051&id=1265128739
    Roxy is a 6 year old goldendoodle. She weighs about 55 pounds with an apricot-golden colored coat. We keep her hair short, but she can get pretty shaggy. She is very smart and fairly easy to train. She’s just about as sweet as she is cute.

  2. Sorry – we can’t help you, we found it on google image ourselves. Not sure whose permission is required.

  3. I am writing a story about dogs, and needed a picture of a beautiful little cocker spaniel. The picture you have above would suit beautifully – Should I ask you for permission to use it, or is there someone else I need to contact? Thanks, Marion

  4. susan whitby says:

    Well take a look at our miss Junie B. She is a flufffy poodle/maltese mix and is just so cuddly… you won’t find one cuter, but you will find dogs that are much better behaved. ;)!/photo.php?pid=4673908&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=570136423&id=570136423

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