From the vaults… “Lost” Trippin’ tracks…

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November 26th, 2013 by Spider

It is hard trying to remember it all now… just a couple of years later… I had demoed a bunch of songs in Finland after meeting Devi with an old friend of mine Juha Kataja. Ended up having a quick rehearsal in London with my mate from Down Under – Baz – on vocals and a drummer Paul McGuire… and off to a studio we went for a day with another singer mate of  Damian Cullen. We cut a bunch of tracks I’d written with Trippin’ in mind… sadly we did not have time to get them finished on time and with the help of Juha and a bassist/keyboard player Mark Nicholls we got them sorted out eventually… Here are few of the “lost” songs… some of them have since appeared in other indie films or punk comps… from the depths of old hard drives… and in the dark Finnish night I thought I might as well stick ‘em up into the cyber space…

Spider’s Sideshow – Too Fucked To Drink

Spider’s Sideshow – Punk Rock Girl

…and then the unreleased Ratbags album – for the world to hear!

Ratbags: “Sorry, Out of Service!” (full album – Ayumi’s version)

See you in the pit!


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