Free Wi-Fi at the SLC Airport

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October 8th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

Good-Humor-Man_articleimageSo I just landed in Salt Lake City.  Man,  people should really date outside of their gene pool.  There’s also some wacky looking dude in a neon orange pinstripe suit with tails, a lime green shirt underneath.  I’m contemplating asking if I can take his picture.  Is that rude?

I flew over with Greg Kinnear. I wonder if he’s mentioning me in his blog?  I love getting bumped up to first class.  Had a white wine spritzer for breakfast before we took off, then set my seat to full recline mode and snoozed the duration of the flight.  The only way to travel.

Oh, orange suit dude just left – damn –just when I was getting my courage up.  He’s wearing a shamrock necklace.  What is this dude’s story?    I want to cast him in my next film.  Clearly, a kindred spirit.

People often ask me how I get ideas for my stories.  Orange guy’s a perfect example.  He’s going to haunt me until I come up with his back story.  Then he’ll likely work his way into one of my scripts.  Damn, I need his picture.  Gonna go try and hunt him down before I board in 15 minutes.  Wish me luck….

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