Faux, Whitby and Lost Trippin’ sessions

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November 21st, 2011 by Spider

One of the tracks written with Trippin’ in mind was “Don’t Waste My Time”. Originally demoed in Finland, but later re-record in the studio sessions in London. We had overrun our allocated time, but dedicated to the cause I made the engineer who seemed to have been named after a Nacho takeaway to stay for a little bit longer. I was determined that I had a great track in hand. Almost like a mellow AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” reworked in a style the laid back approach Rancid had experimented with around their “Life Won’t Wait”-era. At the time little did I know that the completion of these tracks would take longer than expected…

Few years down the line after a couple of long train rides and a very persistent Scottish trainbunker later I found myself at the train platform in Whitby, Northern England iDraculan the birthplace of Dracula. I was trying to find my way to the Bram Stoker film festival for the UK Premier of Trippin’ with two fellow horror film fiends I had befriended on the way up on the train. Few familiar faces were found looking at the city map – Elisbeth and Brenda Fies. We’d met at Devi’s flat at a screening of Trippin’ in LA during my visit across the pond.

While the rain was beating the naked shores of Whitby Killing Joke echoed the Gothic landscape and set the soundtrack for the weekend. When not getting our headgear blown away by the wind we spent the long weekend watching great films from all around the world – including the Fies Sister’s cult film the Commune and Darin Read’s excellent Up Under The Roof along with eating the best fish and chips that the country has to offer, watching zombie strippers and sipping Butterscotch Martinis.

Devi & Spider with Butterscotch MartinisL to R: Darin Reed, Elisabeth Fies, Devi Snively, Jyrki "Spider" Hamalainen, Brenda FiesDevi & Spider at the UK Premiere of Trippin'Fies Sisters at Whitby Film Fest

The Fies Sisters picked up one of my music samplers and not long after returning to the Big Smoke I received and e-mail from them saying that “Don’t Waste My Time” would fit perfectly their short “Faux”, which was part of a bigger piece called “I Hate LA”. I was of course more than happy to follow Danny P. Harvey’s footsteps, of Headcat fame, who had contributed amazing music for the Commune.

I had a female singer doing “Don’t Waste My Time” with chorus lines such as “Don’t Waste My Time / My life is like a cocaine line”. It was the last track we recorded in the studio. Paul Maguire was doing the drumming duties to my rough original track, which was then later removed and the electric guitars and the bass were re-recorded in my home studio.

Watch “Faux” online

[opening with "Don't Waste My Time" (instrumental version) by Spider's Sideshow]



While majority of the London Trippin’ sessions still in the vaults the Rancidesque semi-love song “Punk Rock Girl” (Yours truly on guitar and backing vocals, Baz from Cavity Search doing lead vocals, Paul Maguire on drums [nowadays in Low Rollers], Mark Nicholls on bass and keyboards [formerly of the Hydropaths]) appeared on a punk and ska compilation titled “This is London”, which quickly disappeared after the few shows promoting it. Maybe we’ll hear some of these gems in the sequel… hint hint.

Hopefully in the not-so-distant future I’d be able to do some recording and writing focusing Devi Snively’s Paige and Hadley… and in case you’re a film maker and you feel a tingling sensation do not hesitate to get in touch (spideremail [at] googlemail.com or via facebook) in regards to working on your film.

My other work with the Fies Sisters

T is for Torture

[featuring music by "Spider" & Juha Kataja]


College Girls Road Trip

[featuring "Blind Scum" (instrumental version) performed by Condition:Dead]

FIES SISTERS THRILLER: College Girls Road Trip

PS. Why post this now? “Joining” the 27 Club.

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