Death Takes a Holiday in Cambodia, More Awards!

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October 23rd, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

award smDiablo-Cody-downplays-sexy-photo-flapDamn!  Death in Charge is on fire.  While we were in Whitby, producer Greg Reeves texted me to let me know that after Diablo Cody received her award in screenwriting at the La Femme Film Fest, he went up to accept our award for best short - woo-hoo!  holiday-in-cambodiaThen I find out we’ve been selected to the Anchorage Film Festival (man, I so want to go to that one!) and Cambofest (highly unlikely I’ll make it to that one, but still – sweet!)  Our screening at FirstGlance last night was fabulous.  The Franklin Theater and projection were amazing and audience reaction was great.  A woman sitting behind me leaned over to her mate at one point and whispered, “This is awesome!”, unaware she was sitting behind the directrix.  At our climactic scene we had a delightful collective gasp and one guy even shouted out, “Oh, Fuck!” Nice!

franklininstituteEven better news – we took best horror film award!  Super nice plaque they gave us.  This is a very well run fest.  The programmers are nice, our block was a very enjoyable eclectic mix of shorts and a feature by my new fest buddyme and ben sm Benjamin Pollack whose Dark Room Theater took Best Comedy award – go BP!) , and the after party was fun despite my killer jetlag.  I slept like the dead last night and am stoked to have the afternoon off in this cushy hotel room (jacuzzi, pool, fitness room, and located right by the coolest market.)  We’ve got more films this eve followed by another party.  Man, I wish this is what life were always like.  Actually, looking at the past few months, I guess it sort of is.  Right on!

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