Corey Haim Welcomes Lil’ F*ck*r to Hollywood.

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January 6th, 2010 by little effer

-1-4Hollywood is a small town. You see the same people again and again.  Like today, we sat next to Corey Haim at the pool exactly as we did one year ago. Corey, if he was before your time like he was mine, was a child star in the 80’s, and he did movies with Corey Feldman.  Haim starred in THE LOST BOYS and in my opinion had the best lines in the movie- he rocked it! Sadly, he is like the child actor’s cautionary tale… big success, then drugs, leading to being broke, and no real transition from child star to roles for the adult Corey.  When I watch LOST BOYS, I see such a talented actor… but that doesn’t mean a lot in this town.

-3I happened to see Corey while visiting my sister.  She still lives in the apartment we moved into when we first came to L.A. It is a complex called Oakwood, and almost everyone new to L.A. has stayed here while trying to get settled.  It is big, with manicured grounds, pools, tennis courts, and furnished apartments overlooking the Warner Bros. and Universal studios… perfect for newbies.  It also hosts a ‘Child Actor Program’ during Pilot Season, and caters to families with industry speakers, meet-and-greets with agents, and academic tutors.  When we landed at THE Oakwood, I thought it was heaven- palm trees, sun, and an immediate group of girls just my age that I could hang with by the pool and walk our little purse puppies all day long.  The girls I met were great and we all bonded and supported each other wishing the one running to an audition “LUCK!” and we meant it! We compared stories of being in our hometowns with kids who didn’t understand what we were about… like even tho you may be on a national commercial, you are the most hated girl at school.  I loved how my new friends understood me. The moms of the child actors are a different story. While some were very nice, others were the nightmare version of the sterotypical stage moms.

-2My first week at Oakwood, I met the resident who has lived here the longest- 36 years!!! I couldn’t place her accent, but loved how she called me ‘dahling‘ and walked her chihuahua at a snail’s pace. She seemed to know everyone, and since I was new, she cornered me by the vending machines and told me her life story.  Short version, she worked in some way in the “pictures” forever and loved Hollywood.  She told me about working with Marilyn Monroe who was in this woman’s words, “the sweetest and saddest girl in the world.”  I found myself thinking of an Eagles song my dad had me listen to called “Hotel California.”  Ms. Oakwood had checked out but had never left.

I could see how this town could suck you in and decades could pass while waiting for your big break.  I thought about this when I saw Corey Haim almost exactly one year to the day… both of us in the same place.  I have had a great year of adventures, and I wondered about him… so I did what normal people do.. I looked him up on IMDb.  Happily, it seems he has had a insanely productive year with may projects in post-production.  It just goes to show that you never know what is going to happen in this town of make-believe, and so, it’s best to just take it day to day and not too seriously.  Still, I’m going back to the Oakwood pool this time next year, and I hope that Corey is there… I think he in a weird way… Corey Haim is my good luck charm.

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  2. That Sue says:

    Her name is Margo darrrrllliiinnnggg and she used to visit my husband and son for Mocha “oh don’t be skimpy darrling”

  3. Ricanfucious says:

    Love the blog…! So, a year from now I will see you on the red carpet vs having lunch with Boo at Lucy’s 51…!!! Lmao Good job, Dahling!


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