Bram Stoker Fest – Final Day…Sigh

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November 1st, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

film chat smthe gang smAll good things must come to an end and sadly the first annual Bram Stoker Film Festival was no exception.  Fortunately, it ended on a high note with a great panel with the other filmmakers, more fun films and more wonderfully indulgent film discussion.  Program Director Mike McCarthy and his fabulous family and friends made this a truly memorable experience and I can only hope we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to come back next year with trippin’.

michael antonia smview bird smMike’s wonderful wife Judy armed us with tea bags, sweets and vodka for the road as we said our sad goodbyes and headed out.  It was a long trip back, made longer with the full “everything-but-the-anal-probe” treatment in customs, made more interesting when one of the customs agents came across a stack of trippin’ promo postcards – d’oh!  Actually, it only seemed to endear them to us.  The guy who found them  pulled the card out, reading aloud, “What happens when good buds go bad…who made this – you?”  He eyed me.  I nodded tentatively.  He laughed aloud.  “That’s funny!” he declared and showed his co-workers.  Phew!  And that brings us nearly all up to date.

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