Bound for Berlin – At Last!!!

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October 10th, 2011 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

terri nunn berlin concert 2011berlin imageIt’s the season of Berlin!  Last month we saw the 80s band perform live at the Hollywood Bowl (Terri Nunn is hotter than ever – you go, Girl!) and now I’ve learned DOLORES and I have been invited out to one of Germany’s biggest fests, The Interfilm Festival  – another first for the Deviant oeuvre!  Yes, we will go to THE Berlin – you know the one in Germany that used to be divided by the wall?  I am beside myself with joy.  I’ve long wanted to visit this city I’ve fantasized about for years (ah, sweet visions of teenage me dancing in my bedroom to “Dancing in Berlin” …East, such a mystery / West, open history…”

pulp shadow smMeanwhile, DOLORES continues to rake in the festivals:  Fargo Fantastic, Mike Snoonian’s awesome Shudderfest in Boston (along with other Deviant shorts), two fests in Santa Fe, and another in East Lansing.  I will also follow her out to the Rhode Island Festival at month’s end (they boast a Lovecraft walking tour about which I’m particularly excited – the perfect way to welcome Halloween!)

Phew!  I don’t know if she can keep this up (or if we can.)  It might just be time to shoot another film.  In fact it just so happens… well, more news on that shortly.  In the meantime, congrats, Team – our baby’s making her way in the world.  You all rock!

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