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December 17th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

avatar10195_1comiccongang smI get a lot of e-mails from strangers.  Some lead to lasting friendships, others to restraining orders.  Somehow I knew there could be nothing bad about an e-mail from a fellow by the name of “Tex Massacre” requesting copies of my films for reviews.  This is how I met Tim Anderson several years ago.

It wasn’t until this summer at Comic-Con when we finally met in person.  In the meantime, he wrote some of my fave reviews of Confederate Zombie Massacre! and Teenage Bikini Vampire.  It’s always a thrill to have somebody write a review that indicates he’s seen the movie I’ve set out to make – recognizing small details, homages, stylistic choices, etc.

So, in thanks for his wonderfully supportive reviews over the years, I’d like turn the tables for a change and review Tim’s latest producing effort  2:22 which he shared with me this summer and is already having a good life on the fest circuit (congrats, Tim!)


5213_104494422668_104452577668_2166541_8240158_sImagine a contemporary ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar‘ story set in an off-kilter ‘True Blood-esque’ world and related in a ‘The Hangover-esque’ sort of structure as our heroine remembers patches of the decadent night that leads up to this dark little horror thriller’s fun climactic pay-off.  The sickly hues create an effective nightmare ambiance that feel a bit reminiscent of a grittier ‘The Hunger.‘ The tone and storyline are set-up most effectively with a woman awakening under questionable circumstances – is she drunk, has she been raped?  Something is clearly wrong, a fact made all the clearer when she vomits up blood.   (Don’tcha just hate it when that happens?) Tara Lightfoot was both well cast in the lead role and well shot. We see her transition from a Barbie doll-esque party girl in the club to this skinny, jaundiced looking hag with ghastly complexion in the bathroom. Special kudos to Tim and director Steven Shea for not sexualizing her nudity, but rather making it and her horrific until her journey is complete.  The end is very satisfying, a fresh perspective on a familiar story.

That’s Tim’s movie in my words.  Now here’s Tim in his words…

images1. Please introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Tim Anderson, I’m the DVD Managing Editor of as well as the Producer of several horror films.

2. How did we happen to meet?

Devi and I met in person for the first time and the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, however, we’d had an online rapport for about 2-years before that when I first covered her films “Confederate Zombie Massacre” for The Hacker’s Source Magazine and “Teenage Bikini Vampire” for Bloody-Disgusting.

3. What were you doing then?

At Comic-Con?  I was hanging out near the Troma booth when I get a text from my friend Terry Cronin, the programming director of the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.  He told me Devi was at his booth and that I needed to come over ASAP.  I put down my copy of “Direct Your Own Damn Movie” and made much haste…

4. What are you doing now?

Facebooking, Twittering and generally disregarding the actual work I need to get done.   Actually, I’m developing a feature film script with 2 partners which we plan to pitch this December.  I’m also coordinating a festival run for our award-winning short film “2:22″ which just World Premiered at the prestigious SITGES Film Festival and had its North American Premiere at Screamfest LA.

5. How would you describe your work?

I never sleep and am constantly pulled in 765 different directions.   I’ve been an artist in every capacity and I find that time not spent creating is time wasted.  To that end, I write for 3 or 4 places at any given time, paint, create films, music and pretty much socially interact with friends and family as much as time allows.

Suspiria lead editfaster-pussycat6. Who/what are your artistic influences?

Cinematically, they fall into a category of foreign/art house and American Independent and Horror filmmakers.  The gamut is run from Dario Argento and Krzysztof Kieślowski to Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, Russ Meyer and Buster Keaton.  Artistically, I am most influenced by Popism.

7. What is your major goal in life? How are you planning to achieve it?

I simply want to make great cinema.  I’m working to achieve that every day.  Reading, writing and developing.  But more that that, it’s my dream that all of my talented friends achieve their goals with me as well.  To that end, I try to assist them in whatever capacity I can to see them achieve success.

8. What do you think of film festivals – what are the benefits? Drawbacks?

Entry fees and travel expenses are the drawbacks, and politics..those are all obvious.  But, I think film festivals are truly britney_spears_shopping_00what you make of them.  Go.  Push your agenda. Make friends.  Network.  Be humble.  All these things will help you succeed.  Also, research festivals before you submit.  Seems obvious, but people don’t do it.

9. What else should people know about you?

I once hit Britney Spears in the head with a chair.  I accept no responsibility for her actions after that.

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