Band interview: Underbelly

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January 1st, 2010 by Spider

How did you get involved in Trippin’?

Paul: “We got involved with Trippin after Devi contacted us via email about using Catfight in her film.  Amy, Jon and I looked over the contracts with our high powered legal team and then signed on the line. (We three wrote Catfight together in Jon’s basement apartment.)”
There origins and influences of the band/artist?
“Jon, Mike and I all have solid blues backgrounds with early classic rock & fusion. Amy is off doing her own thing as well as Ted.”
The are the future plans for Underbelly?
“Our great big plans include completing out 4th CD and continuing to improve and evolve our music while not going too deep into foreclosure on our houses.”
The biggest highs and lows of your career?
“Career low…This is just for Jon and me and we don’t speak of it often…playing Weddings.  High..we toured ski resorts in Switzerland in 1994.
Basically anytime I jam with Jon and Mike I consider it a blessing.”
What drug would you be?
Drug?  Jon would be whatever drug they give you to mellow you out after you’ve taken a couple Quaaludes. Mike-JackDaniels and gunpowder. Me Shrooms w/ viagra”
What Trippin’ related tattoo would you get and where?
Trippin related tats?  Dark ink in the shadows.”
When Devi makes it BIG what classic book or comic she should go and adopt for the silver screen?
“We have to get to Devi a bit more to answer this one.”
We’ve had Freddy vs Jason and Alien vs Predator, what should be next?
Predator and Freddy vs Alien and Jason”
Who would win in a street fight the Sex Pistols or the Ramones?
The Ramones.”
Ask yourself the question that you think should be asked in interviews, but never is.
“What does music give you that nothing else can?”
End the sentence: “Kids, do not take drugs…”
“Kids don’t take drugs, kids with parents with drugs take their parents drugs.”

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