Band interview: the Pleasure Kills

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December 25th, 2009 by Spider

pleasurekillsHow did you get involved in Trippin’?

Jeff: “I was over at Mick’s having morning cocktails when Stevie shows up with Christine and Lindsey. It’s pretty clear they’ve been up all night, and Stevie starts talking about how she had another one of her crystal visions, and Mick says he can’t deal with her crap on only half a bottle of scotch.  Stevie starts crying, and Lindsey says “Look, we’re only here because this indie horror director wants one of our new songs for her movie, and I think it could be just what the band needs right now”.  Christine cuts him off with “Horror movie? I’ll tell you what’s horrific, your stupid solo album!”  And then they’re having the same old fight with Lindsey saying how “Honey Hi”ruined Side 4 of “Tusk”, and Christine calling him a pretentious control-freak asshole.  Christine yells “Fine, why don’t we just give it to the stupid Pleasure Kills!”, shoves the contract at me, grabs a bottle of vodka and storms out the door.  Lindsey throws a glass through Mick’s kitchen window and Stevie’s still crying, so I just get out of there as fast as I can!”

That’s intense. How do you think that “Dancing On My Bed” would represend the band in general?

“Lydiot wrote the lyrics.  If I were dancing on my bed, I’d probably fall off and hurt myself!  My wife, Meg, thinks the song is about masturbation.  Lydiot laughed when I told her, but she didn’t deny it!

There origins and influences of the band/artist?

“Nicky Chinn, Nicky Hopkins, Nick Knox”

A lot Nicks there. Nick Cave? Would you generally say that your main influences would be more in the 70s and even 60s?

“Nick Cave’s never done it for me, but there’s good music and influences everywhere–I don’t discriminate by decade!  Check out that Washington Phillips album on Mississippi Records for some good 1920s

The great big plans for the future?

“I need to get to the store this week to buy some food for our cats. Meg gave them wet food last night, but I don’t want them to get fat and always be begging, so it’s back to the dry food for them!”

Would you feed stray cats as well – like Brian Setzer?

“I saw The Head Cat play last year.  That’s Lemmy and Brian Setzer. Really!  Motorhead, The Stray Cats, The Head Cat–get it?  Those guys must have thought they were really clever when they came up with that one.  Truth is stranger than fiction!”

Talking about Motorhead… highs and lows - of your career that is?

“Career?  Is that what this is?  Oh man, am I in trouble.”

I’m sure that at some point one of you has said in school when asked about chosen career paths that you’d be a rock star…

“Anyone considering the rock star career path should read “Rock Stardom For Dumbshits” by The Phantom Surfers.  It’s brilliant, and will tell you everything you need to know!  It won’t be published until February 2010, but you can order a pre-release copy now at !”

What drug would you be?

“I like helping people, so I would very much enjoy being penicillin!  I also enjoy nature, polar bears, and world peace.”

I think we got a lot of penicillin users on the film soundtrack as the Rainman Suite went also for that. You wouldn’t wanna go for painkillers to help to rest of us in the morning?

“I recommend a big bowl of menudo as a hangover cure.  Good stuff!”

What Trippin’ related tattoo would you get and where?

“A unicorn jumping over a rainbow into a beautiful field of dahilas!  Bangkok!”

Impressions of the directrix Devi Snively in one sentence?

If Dr. Frankenstein made a creature out of parts from Stuart Gordon, Jean Rollin, George Romero and Dante Tomaselli, that creature would be almost as cool as Devi Snively!

When she makes it BIG what classic book or comic she should go and adopt for the silver screen?

Aura by Carlos Fuentes.”

Are you generally interested in latin American literature or do you think the projections of an 109 year old widow in the book creates more of the attraction?

“I don’t know much about Latin America literature, but I’m happy to read high quality, creepy, dream-like horror novellas from any culture that cares to provide them to me!”

What film character would you want to have join your act?

“I had a good time on Halloween this year.  I went trick-or-treating with my three year old niece Kate (”three and a half, Uncle Jeff!”), had a totally rocking guitar and keys music jam with my brother-in-law, drank too much beer, and watched “Cemetery Man”, which I always enjoy!  Kate makes a very cute princess!  I tried to scare her with my zombie costume, but was unsuccessful.”

We’ve had Freddy vs Jason and Alien vs Predator, what should be next?

“Santa vs Easter Bunny”

This could be a tough one. Would Santa be able to use chocolate bunnies in order to fight the Easter Bunny or would they automatically team up with the other bunny?

“I’ll have to ask Kate about that.  I’m sure she’ll have a strong opinion!”

Who would win in a street fight the Sex Pistols or the Ramones?

Locket Love is a very good song, and perhaps a bit under-appreciated.

Another brilliant composition by Dee Dee. I’m sure Sid wouldn’t argue.

“Hard to argue when you’re dead!”

Definitelly makes it harder. What’s the question that you think should be asked in interviews, but never is?

“Where should I send the check?”

This one is on us.

How would you end the sentence: “Kids, do not take drugs…”

“to excess.  You’re a good kid, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and you can do some pretty stupid stuff when you’re high!  People really do get addicted to coke, and it could mess you up.  It’s tough to find the balance between having fun and not losing control, so err on the side of caution, be safe out there, and always know your

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