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December 18th, 2009 by Spider

Moonshine "Forever's Just A While" CDNot just a bottle of Moonshine, but also a whole band hailing from Modesto, California. We’re catching up with the bad boys of rock and roll and their singer and guitarist Rob of the three piece psychobilly band that hasn’t gone too much astray from the legendary Stray Cats.

How did the Moonshine get involved in Trippin’?

Rob:  “A friend of ours gave us the heads up about Devi looking for music so we contacted her and she like a song and used it.”

Would the song “Keep the Pabst Cold” been the choice of the band aswell?

“Well it’s a personal favorite to play, it expresses our sense of humor”

What are the origins and influences of Moonshine?

“Origins, I guess mothers birth canals and jam fests, influences definitely all over the table: swing, punk, rockabilly, the Pixies and most things in between.”

What does the future hold for the three piece?

“The same old, whiskey, dirty clubs and long uncomfortable drives.”

But let me guess. You wouldn’t chance it for the world? Is there any moonshine involved or is it just the whiskey?

“Oh not at all, we definitely enjoy small, tight-knit crowds, usually more excitable. normally just whiskey but just the other night we had a  friend bring us some homemade moonshine, it was tasty, in a firey, gasoline sort of way.”

What would be the biggest highs and lows of your career?

“They both hit often, any electric crowd is a high, any bored one waiting for next band is low.”

Any particular places you think you go down especially well?

“Are hometown Modesto shows where we draw best are usually our funnest shows. Reno is usually a great place, and we’ve had some really good shows in Sacramento.”

We’re trippin’ here. What drug would you be?

“I would be cocaine and booze, Matt would be weed and booze, Brian would just be a beer – he’s not multi-talented”

I’ve just visited States for the first time and it seems that the bands get paid in beer. I guess this is fine with you guys?

“We usually get a little gas money, but I think the older we the more we realize we need less beer and more money. We’ll take a fun show over a lot of money.”

We’ve had Freddy vs Jason and Alien vs Predator, what should be next?

“Michael Myers vs Dracula, it would probably be more of a comedy than a horror flick.”

Very interesting set up. Which one would win and why?

“I think Myers would win, I think they would confuse each other, Michael would just keep stabbing him in the arm or something unable to figure out why Dracula’s not dying. I think Dracula would just hiss at him a bunch. He might get a bite in.”

Who would win in a street fight the Sex Pistols or the Ramones?

“With weapons probably the Sex Pistols, without the Ramones.”

What would you arm the Pistols with?

“Give ‘em a broken beer bottle, that way Sid could cut himself up in the process.”

What’s the question that is never asked in interviews, but should be?

“Okay realistically how my many times have you ripped somebody off?”

How would you reply – honestly?

“Well if you rip somebody successfully, which I think is to basically make it your own to where nobody can really tell you’re ripping somebody off, then you yourself after a while forget that it was a rip off to begin with. So now I would say I’ve only knowingly ripped somebody a couple of times, but I’ve probably forgotten about a couple incidents at this point.”

End the sentence: “Kids, do not take drugs…”

“…from strangers, get them from people you know!”

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Interview by Jyrki “Spider” Hamalainen

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