Arriving in Cannes 2010

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May 13th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

sarahjThe adventure has begun.  The ash cloud resulted in a 6-hour delay in NYC, but we hung in the V.I.P. room (open bar and free cheese and hummus!), so it wasn’t exactly a hardship.  It was quite the interesting crowd, most of them clearly headed to Cannes as well – we heard fun snippets of conversation like, “Well the director and Sarah Jessica will be there, but of course Roman can’t come.”trippincard smFortunately, when we landed in Nice, immigration waved us right through which was a bit of a relief as I didn’t know how they’d feel about a suitcase filled with trippin’ postcards covered in pot leaves. That sort of screams “cavity search” to me.

We got but a quick glance at Nice as we took the bus to Cannes which looks like a cross between various cities I’ve visited before – a bit Venice, a bit New Orleans, a bit Southern Spain, a bit Whitby, England.  Very eclectic – and we haven’t even been on the Croisette yet.

pool smkitchen smThe real eye candy, however, is our temporary home for the next two weeks.  WOW!  When we first entered the villa, I swear my eyes must have popped right out of their sockets like a cartoon character’s.  It’s pure heaven.  The screening room is stunning and just off it a balcony with the most beautiful view.  Below there’s an amazing pool, barbecue pit and even a workout room!  I am enamored of our bathroom and the kitchen – oh, the beautiful kitchen!  We may not need to visit that other fest in town.

veranda 1 sm100_1849We were greeted by dear friend from London Independent Festival, Erich, who showed us the tour and made us feel immediately at home.  This will be a fine fest for sure.  It officially kicks off tomorrow.

I’m currently luxuriating on the most comfortable bed ever after the most divine shower – now THIS is how one recovers from 24 hours of travel The men have gone to the market to forage for today’s planned BBQ.   I hear new folks arriving and should probably go meet my new roomies.  But I will try to jot at least a few notes every day.  I don’t want to forget a moment of what’s promising to be a truly amazing adventure.

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