Another Rockin’ trippin’ Review, Fest and 2 Nominations!

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October 8th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

jizz woods smGoogle alerts failed me.  Our producer Agustin found a new trippin’ review that nearly made me act like the girl I pretend not to be.  I was truly moved.  Thanks, APOCALYPSE LATER for such a wonderful review! I’m almost speechless (which is unheard of as those in the know will undoubtedly confirm.)  In other news, trippin’ will screen at this year’s B-Movie Festival in Syracuse with two acting award nominations!  zed gore smCongrats, to Zed Wilson (as himself) and Nicole Buehrer (Jizz) for your best supporting actor / best actress nods!  Well deserved, my friends.   I am currently in Indiana for a few days before jetting off to Whitby, England for the fabulously fantastic Bram Stoker Fest and a shot at a Lovecraft-inspired guerilla filmmaking project if all lines up.

devil spawnPhew!  It’s been a seriously crazy summer/fall with nary a moment to keep up – writing deadlines, film projects and I just turned in final grades for my horror film class which was quite the adventure.  Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not at Notre Dame anymore, but it was a great experience teaching at a performing arts college and  I look forward to more adventures soon.   Hopefully, things will calm down enough to catch up on our  recent adventures we’ve been unable to share due to this non-stop schedule.  But there are simply no idle hands at Deviant these days (and we do miss our Devil spawns.  Fortunately, one should be making his appearance rather soon.  Details forthcoming….)

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  1. Hardy says:

    A very astute and positive review but with more SPOILERS than a muscle-car convention.

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