Angel Vs. Devil

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January 15th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

9403-Female-Blond-Angel-Playing-A-Horn-Clipart-Illustrationblonde_she_devil_poster-p228635615177082030trma_400Devi-Angel: Devi, it’s time to go to the gym.

Devi-Devil: Screw the gym, let’s get drunk!

Devi-Angel: We’re detoxing this week, remember?

Devi-Devil: Tell that to last night’s champagne celebration.  We finished our script dagnabbit!   Besides, Death in Charge won another award.  We’ve got two big screenings next week.  We’re kicking ass, we deserve a break!

Devi-Angel: Which we had in spades yesterday.  Now back to work – there’ll be nothing to celebrate if we become a deadbeat loser.

Devi-Devil: Come on!  Live a little – we’ve been working tirelessly for over a week.

Devi-Angel: And we’re positively glowing, keep it up, Girlfriend!   Check out those abs!  This is hardly the time to give up.

Devi-Devil: But you know, all work and no play makes Devi a mousey librarian….

Devi-Angel: Can we go to the effin’ gym already?!

Devi: You see what I have to live with?  Sigh.  Off to the gym (which I actually love once I’m there – why do I put myself through this every day? Silly girl!)

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  1. For the record, Angel-Devi was right on. The gym kicked ass. I solved a script issue whilst elliptical gliding to Joan Jett, then some kid half my age asked if I was in some local band he likes, thus swelling Devil-Devi’s ego that much more. Everybody wins.

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