A Serious Man

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November 9th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

a-serious-man-postercoens-brothersMan, I don’t know how the Coen Brothers do it.  They are so prolific and every film manages to capture their Coen-y wonderfulness while still exploring new territory and creating a whole new world.  A Serious Man is a more serious entry than some.  Watching it I thought it’s sort of like the Coen’s Synecdoche Not an easy one to watch, downright gut-wrenching at times with some heavy themes and stuff, but there’s also the trademark Coen laugh out loud moments to even things out.  Spider and I were joking about parking lots the rest of the evening in homage to a particularly great moment with a rabbi.  I suspect if I better understood Judaism, I’d probably get even more out of it, but I thought it did a great job of exploring what religion can and cannot provide a person in life.  How it can shape us, fail us and how it’s sometimes just entirely irrelevant.  That was my take anyway.  Well worth a watch.

I absolutely love the trailer for it.  I spent a good portion of yesterday trying to cut the new one for trippin’, but alas it’s just not happening.  Trailer editing’s its own art form and probably best left to a professional, or at the very least, somebody who is not quite so close to our film as I am.  I really think we need to find somebody else to do it.  Any takers?

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  1. Ralph J. says:

    Actually, this is what I do – I’ve done enough now that I’ve developed a method from it and can get you the full trailer in short time if you want. Contact my email and we can talk – I’d be glad to help out a project like this.

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