Head Over Heels…

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November 11th, 2009 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

GoGos-VacationDamn.  Noon already?  And here I still sit in my skivvies hours into a pile of neglected busy work with no end in sight.  Ugh.  You know you’re in a weird space when a Go-Go’s tune seems poignantHead Over Heels just came on my iTunes and sent me into a fit of giggles as I engaged in a private dance party in my living room.

Been running so hard
When what I need is to unwind
The voice of reason
Is one I left so far behind..

anchorage_alaskaThings are officially getting crazy.  I’ve not even begun to catch up on the work that’s piled up in my 3-week absence and more piles on every day.  Exciting news is it looks like I might just get to go to the Anchorage fest after all – 10 whole days!  I’ve heard such interesting things about that city and the fest is supposed to be fabulous.  I’ll know nobody there and it’s Alaska – what a crazy fun adventure!

still raven theatre posterI’m also off to NYC next week for the NYC Horror Fest which is too effin’ cool.  Had a blast there when Raven Gets a Life screened a few years back.  I know I really need to stop following Death around and focus more on trippin, but it’ll be months before we start hearing back from the fests about that one and, meanwhile, we’re ordering a crapload more of trippin’ postcards to leave all over NYC.  Man, I love that city – always feels a bit like going home.  Michael Hein, the programmer really puts on a great program, too.

Problem is, we still haven’t gotten up all the content for the trippin’ website (my fault entirely – simply no time) and I’ve now committed to 2 writing assignments, plus a potential third one if funding comes through for this TV series a producer friend is pitching around. This on top of my own script threatens to send my muse into a catatonic state.

2265997315_39f0b42a9cmaroonedposterPlus, it’s been non-stop meetings and phone conferences of late.   We’re supposed to be negotiating distribution for Death In Charge (I have a number of offers for it by itself, but I also teamed up with 4 other horror comedy directors who have great shorts I keep getting programmed with and there’s been interest in the whole block which makes for a feature-length’s worth of content.  You should so check them out:  Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre, Marooned?, How My Dad Killed Dracula, and Soulmates. Great stuff. )

heididevismMeanwhile, Heidi Martinuzzi, Lis Fies and I are meeting this week to coordinate some female-in-horror events we’re gonna put together over the next few months.  Plus, I’ve still got these damn trailers to cut, I’m on a major writing deadline,  and my phone keeps ringing with more folks wanting to take meetings.  How come nobody calls just wanting to offer me money, huh?  Now that I could definitely make time for.

premiere keith deviOn Saturday, buddy and super awesome cartoonist Keith  Knight (best known for his brilliant strip the K Chronicles) is having his first official L.A. book signing (yay, Keith!) at Meltdown Comicsk-chroniclesAnyone not there will miss out on a damn good time.  He cracks me up.  On Sunday we’re having a screening of trippin’ for L.A. cast and crew.  Always nerve-racking.  I hope people are pleased.

But no use in self-indulgent blogging about how I’m so far behind in work when there’s work to be done. Back at it…

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