“Who got the crops for the props?”

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August 9th, 2006 by Zed Wilson (actor?)

The van scene calls for us (well, me) to have some weed chillin. But now Devi’s flippin cuz we don’t have anything. I mean, really, for this being a movie about getting buzzed, these guys aren’t very on top of it. So, I pop out to the ride and grab my good shit jar, which is at about ¾ of a tank. I bring it back up to the set, present it, and no one seems to realize it’s actually real marijuana.

We’re just about to roll when I have second thoughts. Was it that, being the moral chap that I am, I figured some of these stiffs might be a bit pissed that they’re all unknowingly handling real, illegal drugs? Fuck no. This shit was PRIMO and I would hate to have to choke the shit out of the guy in charge of props when it turns up missing. So, I withdraw said good shit jar and we end up using oregano…which I might add, looks nothing like real marijuana.

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