Hope for Hollywood – A 2011 Movie Recap

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December 4th, 2011 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

1205-LRAINER-The-Artist_full_600So, after putting a moratorium on Hollywood films earlier this year (in protest to all the soulless, unoriginal garbage I kept subjecting myself to), I finally ventured back to the Arclight to give her another chance.  I’m so glad I did!  THE ARTIST is a wonderfully successful black and white, silent film in this day and age.  That unto itself is a remarkable feat.  Read the rest of this entry »

Irony Revisited, Dissected and Alanis Publically Dissed

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December 2nd, 2011 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

c583506t794It’s not ironic but, only weeks after I dissed Alanis Morissette and shared my student’s humorous essay on “irony”(found HERE), the L.A. Weekly has dissected her semantically offensive song line-by-line.  It’s a hoot.  Check it out: http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/2011/1/the_worst_song_of_the_90s_a_li.php

Fangoria Interview & New Trippin’ Poster

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December 1st, 2011 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)


I’m STILL catching up from an amazing trip to Berlin, but had to take a quick break to share the new trippin’ poster (courtesy of Camp Motion Pictures) and our interview with FANGORIA.  Check it out HERE (sorry, you may have to click on the image to see the whole thing – how maniacal does Zed look?  Too funny!)

Faux, Whitby and Lost Trippin’ sessions

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November 21st, 2011 by Spider

One of the tracks written with Trippin’ in mind was “Don’t Waste My Time”. Originally demoed in Finland, but later re-record in the studio sessions in London. We had overrun our allocated time, but dedicated to the cause I made the engineer who seemed to have been named after a Nacho takeaway to stay for a little bit longer. I was determined that I had a great track in hand. Almost like a mellow AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” reworked in a style the laid back approach Rancid had experimented with around their “Life Won’t Wait”-era. At the time little did I know that the completion of these tracks would take longer than expected… Read the rest of this entry »

Life Beyond The Wall – Berlin Day 2+

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November 19th, 2011 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

slimtime stillberlin water tower 2I’ve another fun film to share.  Check out the delightful animated “Slimtime” HERE.

People had told me Berlin is magic.  Now I understand.  As I see the old, the new, the saved, and the mostly destroyed, I gain ever more insight into things I’d only previously read about.   The impact’s far greater than I ever could have imagined.   I daresay Berlin has already changed my life.  Who could have guessed? Read the rest of this entry »