Special & Visual FX

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Like the film itself, trippin’ Special and Visual Effects teams were spawned in the fires of the Deviant Shorts. In the summer of 2004 Ian Strandberg (Trippin Visual and Special Effects Director) joined the Deviant Family when he first set foot in Devi and Agustin’s Mishawaka home to start work on Confederate Zombie Massacre!. At the time he had a lot of curly green hair and the only special effects experience on the table was some vampire teeth made for local gamers. It’s a good thing we had a lot of help along the way.

For trippin’ Ian was joined by the Specter Studios special effects team along with Midian Crosby, Aimee Holmberg (look at her there, all fancy, playin’ the harp) and assistant Brendan Bates. This team was responsible for creating all of the make-up, wounds, gags, and gore which contribute to the characteristic look and feel of trippin’.

The trippin’ visual effects in were made possible by Wuhan Digital Media in Wuhan, China.  Ian worked in concert with VFX Unit Director Cliff Garbut to design the roughly 100 visual effects shots that went into the completion of trippin’ and the team at Wuhan brought almost all of them to life under Cliff and Ian’s joint direction.  Their roster included animated coyotes, computer generated snowstorms and a drug fueled tunnel of terror we refer to as the drug trip sequence (super creative name, we know, we saved the good stuff for the actual film).