zed headZED WILSON – “Himself”

In addition to making his debut film appearance in trippin’, Zed composed the entire score for the movie and his band Better Zed than Dead contributed several  original songs to the soundtrack. He  loves spending quality time with his PlayStation 3 and experimenting with computer programming.

heathyr smHEATHYR CLIFT – “Mickey”

A multi-faceted artist, political activist and vegan, Heathyr pursues acting roles that explore and push boundaries—both her own and those the world attempts to impose upon her.  She has recently returned from living in Japan to teach English and is currently pursuing filmmaking endeavors.

kenny headKENNY DUSEK, JR – “Joe”

Kenny began his acting career when he answered an audition for Devi’s short film “Confederate Zombie Massacre!” in 2003.  Since then he has appeared in three more short films directed by Devi in addition to several other shorts and extra work in several studio features.   trippin’s Joe  is his first lead role and the experience has prompted his recent move to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time.

nicole headNICOLE BUEHRER – “Jizz”

Nicole studied theatre at Columbia College in Chicago and finished her degree at Illinois State University with a BFA in acting.  She currently lives in Los Angeles where acting gigs were plentiful prior to the writers strike.   Sometimes she misses Chicago’s snow, but not really. Most recently she has be seen in bit parts on episodes of House and Grey’s Anatomy as well as several short films.

Perry_J_135JAKE PERRY – “Jeremy”

Jake is a Chicago based actor and writer who is forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work on “Trippin’” Since wrapping principal photography, he has kept busy by performing in several more short films in the Chicago area, as well as starting his own production company, Fringeelement Entertainment.

lindsay3LINDSAY ROBERTSON - “Holly”

A mom, a registered nurse and an actress with a penchant for horror, Lindsay has acted on the stage and in numerous films in her home state of Ohio since high school.   And she’s never sarcastic.  Not ever.


Circus-Szalewski makes noises, motions, and marks which many interpret as acting and writing for the stage, camera, and microphone. C-S arrived in Chicago shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union to work with several theatre companies and indie filmmakers over the following decades before a 2007 theatrical tour of Romania and recent relocation to Los Angeles. Screen roles include the psychotic vagrant in THE UNBORN, abusive ex-cop in FAREWELL DARKNESS, hacker in CUP OF MY BLOOD, punk caver in THE LIVING DARK, and quirky surfer/inventor “M” in ROAD TO RED. Children (of all ages) have enjoyed BixPix clay-animation characters voiced by C-S including Puss the dog in MISS TWIGGLEY’S TREE on many PBS stations and Squash in ToonDisney’s SQUASH & STRETCH. A recently formed writing partnership with Devi Snively has already yielded several screenplays and sitcoms including PAIGE & HADLEY’S PROM FROM HELL and MIDA$ WELL.


Head Shot 5Steve Russell has been working with Deviant Pictures for five years since auditioning for a part in Confederate Zombie Massacre! in May 2004. His “career” as an actor is limited to four appearances in Deviant Pictures films, but he has also assisted in other capacities in Deviant productions. As the elder member of the Deviant group Steve is often called upon whenever there is a need for a mature male actor in one of their films. Steve has no dreams of being a full time actor. He just wants to continue helping Deviant Pictures make quality films in any way he can.


Growing up in the bustling town of South Bend, IN, Rose Waldschmidt amused herself as a child writing sitcoms, winning her first writing award when she was ten. Over the years she has acted in local theatre, commercials, short and feature length films, of which “Trippin” is her third feature. In her next feature “Harvey Putter,”which debuts the summer of 2010, she plays writer J.K. Bowling. When she isn’t acting, Rose searches for unsuspecting victims on which to base her characters.

AUDREY - “Herself”

audreygore smA beloved pack member, talented actress, and one of the coolest beings to ever roam the planet .  Audrey gave fine performances in several Deviant Pictures productions including Police Blotter and Raven Gets a Life.  Sadly, Audrey passed away when her her heart had grown too big by spring of 2007.  We miss you, Girlies!  Thanks for rocking our worlds and our movies!

eagle rifle smBILL REDDING – “Eagle-Eye Johnson”

Bill’s role of Eagle-Eye reminds him of his Boy Scout days.   Trees.  Rivers.  Interaction.  Participation.  Parties.  Individuals.  Nature.    Bill loved the trippin’ adventure and his only regret is that he didn’t get to do a scene with that cockroach.   Darn it. (clever people will notice Bill’s acronymous approach to his bio – sweet!)

LittleFucker sm

AUDREY WHITBY – “Li’l Fucker”

Audrey Whitby was born in Murfreesboro, TN and moved to Granger, IN when she was 2.  At the age of 6, she started acting in community theatre.  When she was 8, she asked for an agent for her birthday and began doing commercials and short films in Chicago.  She is very proud to be the child’s voice on 10 Team Baby Videos, to have been an American Girl model and especially to have had such a fun part in TRIPPIN’ .  Audrey now resides in Los Angeles where she is represented by Matt Jackson of The Jackson Agency and is a student of John D’Aquino.  She attends Milliken Middle School for the performing arts and enjoys spending time with her friends and her sister Maddy who is also an LA actor.  Audrey plans to contribute to the TRIPPIN’ site with a blog called ‘ Adventures of L*l F*ck*r in Hollywood’ where she will give insights to the life of a child actor. Sometimes… it can be a real TRIP!